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I had a long day.  I am very tired and all I want to do is go to bed and take a nap.    But I still have to think of my studies.  So from ORC, I went straight to school to attend my classes as I do not have the time to change my clothes anymore.  I only have one class tonight so I was able to go home early.  Tomorrow is my exam schedule for political law.  I do not know how to allot my time for it since my whole day tomorrow will be spent on my job considering that we have a deadline to make.  I am happy with my progress.  I know I can get it done before the deadline hits.  

I have read my book already but I still have to review.  I do not have enough confidence in myself that I can remember everything when the time of reckoning comes.  God help me.  I do not know if I can make do with studying while working.  This is quite hard.  But as I always say, there is no turning back anymore.  I got it started all by myself, so I have to finish this alone.  This MCQ type of exam is giving me a hard time.  I do not know if I would be able to survive it.  I have to stop now before I make myself cry.  I still have an exam to think of for tomorrow.  Wish me luck guys.