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Since time immemorial women had been using various types of clothing that are figure enhancing or for support. Before the 19th century corset was the fad in showing one's curves and figure, but then the idea of the methods done in wearing it makes the wearer weary.  Luckily in the nineteenth century brassieres were created and it had since replaced the role of corset as a figure enhancer and as a breast support for women. Nowadays it is has become a more common necessity for women all over the world, from all walks of life.  Since the creation of the first bra a lot has been done to improve its look, style and "wear-ability".  It is given this much important as this underwear is one you can consider a woman’s best friend considering that it is the closest thing next to her skin.

The modern bras now are made to suite every woman’s needs.  It can be made from satiny soft cloth made for comfort or firm padded under wired garment for better push-up and figure enhancement purposes.  Brands had flooded the market today, it ranges from simple affordable ones to those that are highly sophisticated and intricately made. One of the brands that float in the market today is the Olga bras.

These days not only the women are meticulous when it comes to underwear.  Guys are also joining the fad of underwear revolution.  They become fashionable too with their underwear.  Jockstraps now come with an accessory cup to protect their genitalia.  This is usually used by men who are physically active or engaged in sports. 

I do not know what will be the future of underwear industry but judging on the development so far, I can say that it is getting more exciting.