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It seems my cousin cannot stop writing about her son.  So I let her do her thing here.  I guess her entry will be as regular as mine in the days to come.  Here’s another one for you to read.  I hope you will like it.  

In my feat to pick the right toy for dong that he can't break in less than 24 hours, I came to a store that sells items for less than 99 pesos.  First I found a fifteen inch long sturdy toy race car with big wheels and somewhat hard body.  Which was a good find since it was the first toy car that Dong was not able to break yet. 

As I go along the racks, what I found was a big snoopy coin bank.  Or can we say snoopy bank? It serves as a toy for one and a coin bank too! But it would serve a better purpose.  Since Dong is not so much into playing those kinds of toys, it would be suited better to put his own savings into.  He dropped his first ten peso coin in it the other day.  I will just drop some more everyday and then he would come to think he filled his bank with coins (winks). Now that cannot be another toy down but another ten down.  Now that sounds better. 

Join me as I share to you my motherhood adventures with my son.