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It's another four o'clock habit for Dong yesterday and we had to go out and play.  It has been days that his playmates weren't home because they had to go somewhere and visit their grandmother and baby Dong was left to play with our two-month old neighbor Hyacinth.  Then today as we were walking towards the park his playmates luckily made it home in time for their afternoon chaos.

Dong's playmates were Lian, Alen and Sandra all siblings.  Lian the eldest, Alen next and Sandra the youngest among the three.  They were all happy to see each other evidently missing their afternoon plays.  Instead of going to the park, we decided to stay at their lawn. They were all happily chasing each other when suddenly Lian thought of something while holding a blue rope she was playing with in a while.  She put the ends together and said "Let's play chu-chu train!".  And so she gathered all three of them inside the tied rope (Dong excluded since he doesn't want to).  Then they all walked through the lawn saying "Chu-chu train".  As if it's a real train, one acts as a driver and the others are passengers who sometimes wants to get off the train.  They all look funny and were actually having fun just doing that.  

When finally all of them got tired.  They all sat down on the grass and drank some cold glass of water.  All that and another 4 o'clock fun was made..