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It was a sunny Saturday afternoon and everybody is excited.  We are all going to McDonald's for Dong's Birthday!  The party is at 3pm so everybody has to be ready to go at exactly 2 pm, traffic and travel time calculated.  We were smoothly driving when the first glitch has came up. We almost forgot the cake!!! and so we went back to our house to get it. duh! We reached the place at about quarter to three so we still have time to just sit and relax for a bit.. When I checked at the counter they allowed us to go in so the kids can take their places.  At exactly three pm there are still kids coming so we waited for a bit.. 3:30 came and everybody was in so we get the party started.

Fist up are the kid's names written on their party caps. Then goes the famous "Mc ready na ba kau?" line of the host and so the kids go "Mc ready na!".. The host started the longest fishing rod game of linking straws together and whoever makes the longest link of straws wins.  Dong was also so excited even if he does not understand what everybody is doing he just enjoys seeing a lot of kids around him.  Since he does not know what to do he just pops around from somewhere and tries to untangle the already linked straws that so added a challenge to the other kids.  But still somebody managed to get away with it and won! So the games went on with lots of yelling, shouting and loads of laughing. Its not only the kids who enjoyed but adults too.. Ninong's and Ninang's plus their kids also get along with the fun id trying to help their kids make something for the game.  It is so humbling how kids smile with just a simple pencil as a prize.

Five games or so later the kids are hungry and so are the parents.. lol.. So it's time to eat.  All sat down and have a nice hearty meal of burgers, spaghetti, sundaes and other a la carte combos.  When everybody has eaten their meals the host ask the kids if they are ready to see and meet Dong's special guests.  And then they were pooled at the center.  To keep the excitement growing, the host counted from 10 to 1.. And then Ronald Mc Donald's mascot together with Grimace came into the door.  Its so hilarious to see not only kids but adults get excited and wore smiles when the two cam in. All the kids came around and everybody wants a picture taken with the character, the over powering joy lasted for about 30 minutes.  Although Dong's was a bit anxious maybe from the mascot's size or color but he can't stay still and won't play with them either.. but then he still keeps smiling and laughing

When the mascots left the kids were asked to form a line for another round of toy give aways. We had much fun in the party that the cake was almost forgotten. lol.. Who cares about the cake when everybody is all over the place.  We ended the party at around 6 o'clock when its supposed to end at 5,lol.. Im just glad there is no other party after our one so we have enough time to send everybody home to finally say our goodbyes.. And that was how Dong's 2nd birthday went.. All fun.