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A few months before Dong's second birthday, he has developed a liking to playing toy cars. It started when I gave brought him a toy phone.  Yes you heard it right, a phone. Then why did Dong liked to play toy cars because I bought him a toy phone? Because his toy phone has wheels and goes like a toy car and honks as it moves too! From then on, every time we go to the mall and go to the toys section he picks a toy car for himself and I have no other choice but to buy one for him every time too! 

Remembering that all the previous toys I've bought for him were all broken I thought of buying him small and cheap ones so he can destroy them one by one, buying me some more time to buy another set of toys. This time I bought him 4 smaller toy cars.  Just when I thought I've seen a solution for Dong's toy destruction spree he came to me the next morning and played with his new toy cars.  One was cracked across the middle and the other three has no front wheels. With wheels or no wheels, he still played with them... Now I', thinking bigger solid toys.. wonder how many days it would take him to break it down... hahahaha..