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It's 4 o'clock on a Sunday afternoon, the sun is going down and the kids around the neighborhood are starting to go out of their homes to play outside. Our street is one of their favorite playground. Kids from the other blocks come to our street almost everyday to meet and play. Dong was still inside our house hearing all the commotion outside and I was just passive about the noise. Since its a Sunday, I planned to stay inside and watch tv to my heart's content. Then Dong started to gather his cap, put on his walking shoes and came pulling his ate towards the door. And then I remember that it's the time of the day that he needs to go out and play with his friends. It has been his daily routine since he was introduced to socialize with the kids.

Anxious to go out, Dong's shouted so loud so I will be able to notice him and for the door to be opened. Since I can't say no to his bidding. i have to let him out. As soon as I opened the door he ran out to the gates and tried to slide the lever out of its hole so he can immediately play. When he was out on the street he came running to and from me as if he was just newly freed from something restraining. Seeing him talking on his own words that he only can understand I let him play the hours off.

Then the sun finally set and Dong finally got exhausted from playing. He came to me lifting his hands wanting to be carried inside the house. Once inside, I gave him his own bottle of cold water and he drank it all with gusto. Finally quenched, he turned to me and smile. Now there's my reward for letting him play!


Jona said...

Kids' desires are really simple :D and it's rewarding for us to see them happy.


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