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I can’t sleep eventhough I want to. Sleepiness is evading me again. I have been trying to court it two hours ago with no success. I feel a little dizzy like I am going to have flu. I hope not as I am going to General Santos City tomorrow to buy my books for the second semester. Or maybe I just can’t sleep because I feel excited to see Gensan again after a year. The last time I was there was to attend Lola Estring’s birthday. She is my father’s aunt. I will also see my Ate Euni who was my mentor during my early Citi Hardware days. That was exactly five years ago.

It was October 2005 when I was transferred to Citi Hardware Gensan after a short stint in Citi Hardware Bajada. This is for me to learn everything I have to learn in the store operations. All I have of Gensan is happy memories I shared with the people that I met and became my friends. This is where I feel I am home next to my very own place. This is the place where I can go anywhere without any fear that somebody might hurt me. I together with my two other friends would go to the market after work and I would enjoy the fruits that was so cheap that I want to buy and take them all home. The only thing I don’t like about this place is the dust and the heat. It feels like desert sometimes. But I forgot all that when I think that this place is the hometown of People’s Champ Manny Pacquiao and their abundant tuna industry.


bariles said...

Am sure GenSan misses you too!

Can't wait to read about your homecoming.

Please share it with us.

Ayo ayo and happy blogging!