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I have always heard of people utilizing many sort of mapping such as network mapping for better control and access of certain establishment's systems, population mapping which is used to project or show density of occupants in an area, sites maps which are used to direct people of a specific structure within a community and there are other types of direction showing tools that are categorized as mapping.

In today's post, it is medical mapping.  It made an impact to me because this is first time that I was able to read about something like this.  Thanks to healpth. Mapping such as these has great benefits to the populace surrounding the area included in the map.  Medical Mapping includes names of medical doctors with their own specialties and their location within the state that they are in.  It also includes the specific city that these doctors can be found along with the hospitals that they are affiliated with.  Now that offers convenient access to our medical doctor's availability in times of medical emergencies.  Finding a the right doctor  the quickest way offers such comfort to somebody in great need of one in a certain situation.  It offers some kind of assurance to the populace that a doctor is within reach.  This kind of mapping can also help someone with an an illness prepare themselves for the worst. It is not that we are asking for it but it is better prepared and ready at all times. Now those are some apparent benefits of medical mapping.