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I have been planning to build my own house since the beginning of last year.  I have no idea whatsoever of whatever design the house would consist.  Until one house plan was shown to me by my husband, it was made my his friend who is an architect.  The design was minimalistic with colors that are only black and white involve.  Then it brought me to realize that the design actually fits my almost all white wardrobe.  I have mostly white clothes than any other color there is.  You can call it boring but white just has an effect on me.  It makes me feel clean and comfortable.

As I was scanning through the plan. I noticed a white console table placed inside a library looking section of the plan.  It looks so appealing to me.  On the other hand, the kitchen fixtures are either in off-white marble or silver which much more contributes to its clean look. If that design will be  realized, hopefully it would be, I think I would feel like I'm living in a house that is in winter all the time. Winter because in my mind white always shows a cool feeling, airy and fresh...

These are not my own words but my cousin’s.  That is for sure because I do not have a husband yet hehehe…  she is enjoying her stint here.  Actually she enjoyed writing for me since I am always busy with so many things these days.