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Giving importance to education is one thing that I learned from my parents especially my father.  I remember that every time before we go to sleep, he would ask me and my siblings if what our lesson is for that day in school and that if we studied already before going to sleep.  He would then browse our respective notebook then ask us if we really review our notes.  If he is not satisfied with our answers, he would let us sit again and study our notes.  No matter how we wanted to sleep but out of fear of our father, sleepiness went away just like magic.   

My father has not gone far beyond high school education but for him there is no Standard form of education.  He said you can be educated even if you are not in school.  Experience has a lot to teach according to him. He would read anything that comes in handy.  I just wonder, would I experience and learn to solve linear equations even if I am not in school?  Well anyway, my first math teacher was my mother.  It is her who taught me how to divide using basic things like sticks and stones. My parents are my first teachers.  It was only when I was in first grade that I learned about the difference between odd and prime numbers.  That is how my education was founded.  

Education system has gone a long way since then.  There are a lot of changes since I graduated.  These days, I notice a lot of parents are hiring tutors for their children; one tutor for every subject.  I used to think before that only slow learners need tutors as they cannot cope up with the class’s phase.  But now, even those who excel are hiring tutors.  Now I understand that this is for them to be ahead of the class.  According to one student that I asked, her mom hired a tutor for Pre Algebra and she benefited a lot from it.  Having prepared herself, her relationship with Algebra became smooth sailing.  I never got the chance to experience this thing.  Unlike her, this subject for me was a nightmare of my childhood.  Algebra equations look like ancient script to me or some alien secret message that I have to decipher before fully comprehending.

If you can see yourself in my shoes, it is time for you to take advantage of the latest development in learning, which is online tutoring.  Even a college or K-12 students now can avail of this.  There are a lot of online tutoring services available these days that cover different subjects.  One of these is which will help you boost your learning ability at an affordable rate and in a convenient manner.  Every student can connect to a tutor whenever they need help with subjects that they think are difficult for them especially regarding Math Questions.   At there is an online tutor for every student available for students unlike others who offer the same services that you still have to arrange the time and date with an online tutor.  An online tutor is also like your regular tutor but he or she will not sit beside you the student.   Their only connection is thru the computer taking advantage of the internet connection.  I like this new development in learning.  I am just wondering, can I hire a tutor for my criminal law subject?