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Self defense is a method of protecting one's self from any kind of physical threat or danger.  Nowadays even women must learn certain methods that belongs into that category in to order protect oneself from danger.  We must admit that in this century, bad elements does not only try to endanger men but more so women thinking that women are much weaker and that can be taken down more easily than men.  Well, it is one's prerogative on how to find methods to protection from those lawless flukes.  For one, pepper spray---small but effective. A simple pepper spray can also be a simple object of escape.  Until these days no article had been published saying that a certain kind of crook can withstand a small pepper spray. When using it always remember to aim good and target the face area-the eyes can be a very god spot.  Do not aim when the opponent's attention is fully directed, at you it can be an advantage when the assailant is a caught unaware.  When the squirting was done... Run! 

Another object that should be commended because of its effectiveness are the stun guns.  It is not at all a gun that would work when aimed.  It can only work when in contact with the assailant's body.  If used in the right time and in the right way, its can temporarily make a person immobile because of the high-voltage electric shock that it sends through the opponents body.  It would work when put in contact with the opponent's body.  The main target of the contact should be those areas where great concentration of nerves are located like the  upper hip, below the rib cage or the upper shoulders (armpit).  It should be held at the area as long as possible to stun the opponent.  Hence the name "stun gun".

It is inevitable that at certain times some women needs to walk on dark alleys and streets when going home or for others it's a schedule they have to endure.  It is always advisable to be ready "ready to run at any time".  So a good comfortable womens boots is a must during those times.  Since it is better to run when boots than in stilts.