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After courting sleep, now the time has come that it started to give in.  I can feel my eyes closing but I have to finish this up.  However, there is a thought that keeps bugging me since Wednesday.  I have read two old cases that arose from the misunderstanding of siblings because of the inheritance left by the parents.  It is sad to contemplate how these material possessions can turn siblings into enemies instead of supporting one another and promote common welfare.  However, people changed when it comes to money and material things.  Money or material possessions are good things and blessings from God but to use it in hurting our fellow human being most especially our own flesh and blood is not.  A lot of times I have read of a sibling killing the other so that he can have all the fortune that their parents left to them.  Truly the love of money is the root of all evil as a person can do unimaginable things just to get what they want.

I have six siblings and I am glad that my parents are poor and have nothing to leave us but our education.  No jewelries to have or land to own, so we do not have something to fight over with.  We treat each other with equality due to a sibling.  I just hope nobody will change in the future.  I do not want to suffer the same fate of the people involved in the case I have mentioned above.
This is all for now guys.  Good night.  This is Len signing off. God bless :)


nothingprofound said...

I've seen the same unfortunate circumstances in my own family. My father was estranged all his life from his younger brother due to conflicts arising from an inheritance. My two brothers and I avoided this due to the influence of my mother, who raised us not to worship money or material things.

jo said...

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