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I am a person who loves colognes and perfumes. My favorite scents vary but I go for something that has a sweet and fruity smell. Johnson Baby Cologne was my favorite as a child. As I grow up, so is my love for perfumes and colognes. I have began to like Baby Bench Jelly Bean and Her Bench Tickled Pink, that until now still rank among my top 5 favorites. Victoria's Secret ranks as my No. 1. My favorites among its scents are Sweet Daydream and Strawberries and Champagne, which I am presently using.

Baby Bench Jelly Bean has a scent that will make one smell like a baby that lasts the whole day. Sweet Daydream makes me feel like I'm surrounded by fruits and flowers. That when I close my eyes, I can imagine myself in the middle of a garden during the spring.
  I only wonder what is the scent of the one they call funny perfume.

In as much as I like them, I can't wear them as much as I want because my boss is allergic to anything with scent especially colognes and perfumes. So every time I go to work, I only spray just enough to have a hint of scent. I can only indulge myself when I'm going out with friends which rarely happen. :(

I favor mild scents as they work best for me. I don't like perfumes with strong smell as they can trigger my headache. And worse sometimes, they render me difficulty in breathing. So if you're wearing a strong smelling perfume, please be sensitive enough to avoid me or else you will end up killing me. :)