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I went home last weekend to spend time with my family. However, instead of having my much needed rest, my sister confronted me with mind boggling math questions that I knew nothing about. I really wanted to help her but pity me; I am weak when it comes to math. It was a long time ago since I did math and I cannot recall everything anymore save for the basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and also the prime numbers and odd numbers.

Good thing, my other sister also went home from college so she was able to rescue her from her predicament. I observe that my sister is doing well with her subjects that do not involve numbers. I am thinking of hiring a tutor for her Chemistry homework help so she can cope up with everybody in class.

The system of education is relatively demanding as compared to the time when I was her age. Students are confronted with more complicated lessons that needed more attention and study time. I have already tried to find a good tutor but unluckily, there is nobody available for the moment. So I am thinking of resorting to online tutoring sometimes just so I could provide her with Chemistry help and Geometry help since I cannot do it for her and also for her Physics help by the time she becomes a senior high school student. I want her to be ready for it too.

I love my sister. I do not want her to flunk her subjects. I do not want to see her weepy face every time she approaches me for help. I will do everything in my capacity to be of help.