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Last night my sister texted me that she sent a package via LBC and that it is expected to be delivered today.  As usual I am expecting it to be delivered at our doorstep.  However, this afternoon my officemate in S.K. Pendatun Avenue told me that I have a package waiting for me at the office.  I wondered because I never let my packages be delivered in our office as I am not there all the time.  There are times that I need to report for work in the Hall of Justice since my boss is there.  I asked her where did it came from and she said the name of my sister.  So I texted my sister to inquire about the address she wrote on the package and she said she used my house address as we normally do. 

How this LBC guy delivered my package in the address not written on the package itself?  I do not like what he did as it is not comfortable on my part.  Imagine the hassle, from ORC I have to go to S.K. Pendatun Avenue just to get that package.  I did not really appreciate it.  It is the first time that it happened to me.  It pissed me off.  The house where I live is just on the second floor where LBC Quezon Avenue, Cotabato City branch is located.  Why can’t they just go upstairs and ring the doorbell than going to the office where I do not stay all the time?  They should have followed the wish of the shipper to deliver it right on my doorstep not anywhere else.  I am really thinking of making a report on this.  I don’t want it to happen again to anyone.

Christmas Day is inevitably drawing near.  As inevitable as it is, we also think of the usual things we normally do to make the season more enjoyable.  These thoughts had been going through my mind while I'm having a cup of tea in a some wifi-able cafe in the city.  I was just comfortable browsing through the internet when I my cousin sent me a much needed opps for her blog and whoa! In seconds I am feeling so excited looking at various gift prospects for the season.  Try and see:  

The English Tea Store has all sorts of different sweets for that you can expect for Christmas and more. Of course their traditional fruit cake  which is proudly imported from Great Britain and Irelend and utilizes a select raisin from a white grape that is seedless.  These fruit cakes also comes in 6 different flavors.  Kindly check this site to see for yourself: ( 

Another must try  is the traditional Christmas Crackers which is not only great for Christmas but for all other sorts of occasions that needs some ice breaking and more fun.  You see these are not ordinary crackers, of course they can be eaten but there's something more.  The crackers includes some knick knacks inside that eventually comes as a treat.  Surprise surprise!
I went early to the office yesterday only to be confronted with a heavy traffic along Gov. Gutierrez Avenue.  I had to walk from there to reach our office.  This was due to the event that the whole ARMM Complex is celebrating; the 21st year of Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.  There were a lot of people donning attires of different colors.  ARMM employees were having a parade. My eyes were pleased with what I saw and I was fascinated to a great extent. As I was about to enter the gate of ARMM Compound, a beautiful float caught my attention.  It was adorned with different colors and a design depicting the Maranao art.  It looked like a bed of a queen.  It was a shame I did not bring my camera.

I saw the same float again on my way to Pritong Manok for lunch with my officemates Calay, Lheng and Norhani.  Like me, they were also captivated by the beauty of the float and despite the drizzle and the stares we got from people around, we still pose for the camera.  I enjoyed it so much.  After lunch, I saw people crowding the same float and like us, they also took pictures of its captivating beauty.  Well, we went back again to take more pictures and pose to our heart’s content. 

I am sharing here some pictures from yesterday’s frolics.  It was so much fun.   

our best pose ever

side view 

are we modelling these bags or something?

front view

this is me :)

Does it look like it's drizzling?

(photo credits: Lheng dear)

I woke up early to do my laundry.  I have to do it or I will forget to do it again.  It may be a normal Sunday for everyone but not for Filipinos.  Excitement is in the air as today Manny Pacquiao will fight with Mexican Antonio Margarito.    People in the house are being glued to the television as early as eight in the morning.  As I have observed, the vehicles passing in our street is starting to dwindle.  There is a free viewing of the Pacquiao-Margarito fight inside the Shariff Kabungsuan Complex.  Maybe half of the populace of Cotabato City is there.   I can’t wait to see who will win.

Lagao gym in General Santos City will be rocking as usual again.  I can imagine Mommy Dionisia on her knees again fervently praying for her son to win.  Everytime Pacquiao fights, the world stops for the Filipinos around the world.  There has never been a boxer who has this effect on us.  I hope he will win this fight again and bring honor to his country once again.

Finally, I am done washing my clothes.  It’s time to eat breakfast and watch the fight on television.  Take a break guys from whatever you are doing.  Let us witness again how our very own Pacman will bring Margarito on his knees.  Go Congressman!
The last month was so stressful for me.  I paid for my tuition fee so I can take the final examinations.  My bills piled up plus my sister’s allowance and tuition too.  And there are these books that I have to buy for the second semester and oh, there’s my internet which is one month overdue already.  Bills keep pouring like heavy rain while I am waiting for paychecks to come the way a farmer wait for rain in the middle of drought season.  In short, I was financially drained. 

When enrollment for the second semester started last week, I did not enroll right away as I was thinking where to get funds for it.  I was wishing then that I could avail of payday loans online as it seems like it is the only answer to my financial problem.  Good thing our educational allowance arrived like manna from heaven so I was able to enroll last Tuesday.  Thanks God for answering my prayer.

Everytime I needed money, I would always wish that it was not invented at all.  As I have observed, it is always the answer to everyone’s problem.  I never met anyone who has no financial problem.  I feel stressed even by just listening to them talk about their predicament.  Can anyone invent something that could replace money?
Enrollment for the second semester started last week but it was only yesterday that I got officially enrolled. Since it was office hours, I asked permission from my boss and gladly, she said yes. I headed straight to school but to my dismay, the business office was already closed and I cannot pay the required fees anymore. I went home with my friend Dimple who was also there. She dropped me off at my boarding house.

Today, I went home to school ahead of the class schedule only to find people in the lobby of Nepomuceno Building where we hold classes. It is because the lawyers are having their Mandatory Continuing Legal Education at the Tanghalang Michael Clark. We have our class in Criminal Law with the dean as our professor. He shared his experiences as a lawyer and we had fun listening to him. Our next meeting will be on Friday. As usual we are going to have a recitation on the first 20 articles of the Revised Penal Code (Book 2) and I am starting to get nervous again. Out of 20+ students, there were only eight of us who were present. I hope the class attendance will improve tomorrow.

I went home with a headache. This is not because of my class. I think this is due to the scorching heat. I always have a headache when the weather is so hot. Good thing my sister is with me, so I got the luxury of massage with love hehehe…I feel better now and started reading my book again. I have to be prepared or else……

Have you ever seen a ring it made your jaw drop in awe?Well i did when I was able to click on  They have a wide variety of wedding bandsAnniversary Rings  and Engagement Rings.  The site does not only show you simple rings.  They are high quality rings crafted in detail into perfection. You can look up the rings and fit with different stones for better appearance and suitability of taste.  As if that is not enough they also feature a refine listings of different rings tailored for every occasion and individual needs. The delicate details of their rings shown on the site are so exquisite that it shows nothing less than grandeur.  Surly a priced possession that can be received from somebody that you are going to live with for the rest of your life.  It does not only signify togetherness but eternal commitment.  These rings are not only worth keeping they are also meant to be a family legacy.  Its elegance is worth passing it down into future generations.  It is one of those jewelry that you can keep for a lifetime and still kept untarnished.  One that stays forever. One of a kind.
(This post is a little late for gift opening, since Dong's birthday is way over weeks ago but nonetheless a story still.  So...)

After all the fuzz and buzz of Dong's birthday, things got finally cooled down and it's time for Dong to open his gifts.  He got lots of it actually but among all the other gifts he chose a tiny one to open by himself.  He just randomly picked it up and tried tearing the wraps off.  It is a square, small gift.  After all the wraps were torn, everything that's inside are tucked into a 2 inch-wide cardboard which was formed into a rectangle to fit one tiny tow truck looking toy and two whistles.  It doesn't look odd at all to think that it came from his god sister Sam.  Dong must have liked it so much because from the time it was opened until bedtime he still tinkered with it. Something small but it  made him stick to it.
What hit me is that children shows the purest of beatitudes, in this case humility.  A present does not need to be so grand and expensive to be loved and create a spot in one's heat.  All it takes is the passion and the gusto of wrapping it in order for it to be offered to someone dear.
It’s been months now that I am thinking of having my other blog web hosted but until now it still remains a thought swimming inside my head.  A lot of my friends say that it is far better than having a free web host.  When I was new to blogging, I do not have any idea about web hosting services.  However, through reading some informative materials and articles I have learned that it is helpful especially if you are in business who wanted to promote your product in the worldwide market.  If you have your own website, it can help your product gain exposure. 

Web hosting plays a big part for a business to flourish or for products become known.  It is type of internet hosting service that lets the website accessible via the worldwide web.  Web hosts are the ones who provide this kind of service.  They do it by providing a space on a server they owned and maintained.  They can also do it through colocation.  Web hosts use this in connecting to the internet and providing a data center space for servers that they don’t own to be located in their data center.

One of the best web hosts that offer web hosting services is Superb.  They are using the latest hardware in managing dedicated servers and they can have it customize to suit your needs with the help of their highly skilled technical experts. A client can also expect a managed hosting that secures his website from security breaches that sometimes can lead to disaster like legal liability and negative media exposure (this is one thing that a business should avoid) and a lot more.  

This is all for now guys.  I hope you learn something from me.  If you want detailed information about the benefits of web hosting, check out today.