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Christmas Day is inevitably drawing near.  As inevitable as it is, we also think of the usual things we normally do to make the season more enjoyable.  These thoughts had been going through my mind while I'm having a cup of tea in a some wifi-able cafe in the city.  I was just comfortable browsing through the internet when I my cousin sent me a much needed opps for her blog and whoa! In seconds I am feeling so excited looking at various gift prospects for the season.  Try and see:  

The English Tea Store has all sorts of different sweets for that you can expect for Christmas and more. Of course their traditional fruit cake  which is proudly imported from Great Britain and Irelend and utilizes a select raisin from a white grape that is seedless.  These fruit cakes also comes in 6 different flavors.  Kindly check this site to see for yourself: ( 

Another must try  is the traditional Christmas Crackers which is not only great for Christmas but for all other sorts of occasions that needs some ice breaking and more fun.  You see these are not ordinary crackers, of course they can be eaten but there's something more.  The crackers includes some knick knacks inside that eventually comes as a treat.  Surprise surprise!