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(This post is a little late for gift opening, since Dong's birthday is way over weeks ago but nonetheless a story still.  So...)

After all the fuzz and buzz of Dong's birthday, things got finally cooled down and it's time for Dong to open his gifts.  He got lots of it actually but among all the other gifts he chose a tiny one to open by himself.  He just randomly picked it up and tried tearing the wraps off.  It is a square, small gift.  After all the wraps were torn, everything that's inside are tucked into a 2 inch-wide cardboard which was formed into a rectangle to fit one tiny tow truck looking toy and two whistles.  It doesn't look odd at all to think that it came from his god sister Sam.  Dong must have liked it so much because from the time it was opened until bedtime he still tinkered with it. Something small but it  made him stick to it.
What hit me is that children shows the purest of beatitudes, in this case humility.  A present does not need to be so grand and expensive to be loved and create a spot in one's heat.  All it takes is the passion and the gusto of wrapping it in order for it to be offered to someone dear.