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Enrollment for the second semester started last week but it was only yesterday that I got officially enrolled. Since it was office hours, I asked permission from my boss and gladly, she said yes. I headed straight to school but to my dismay, the business office was already closed and I cannot pay the required fees anymore. I went home with my friend Dimple who was also there. She dropped me off at my boarding house.

Today, I went home to school ahead of the class schedule only to find people in the lobby of Nepomuceno Building where we hold classes. It is because the lawyers are having their Mandatory Continuing Legal Education at the Tanghalang Michael Clark. We have our class in Criminal Law with the dean as our professor. He shared his experiences as a lawyer and we had fun listening to him. Our next meeting will be on Friday. As usual we are going to have a recitation on the first 20 articles of the Revised Penal Code (Book 2) and I am starting to get nervous again. Out of 20+ students, there were only eight of us who were present. I hope the class attendance will improve tomorrow.

I went home with a headache. This is not because of my class. I think this is due to the scorching heat. I always have a headache when the weather is so hot. Good thing my sister is with me, so I got the luxury of massage with love hehehe…I feel better now and started reading my book again. I have to be prepared or else……