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The last month was so stressful for me.  I paid for my tuition fee so I can take the final examinations.  My bills piled up plus my sister’s allowance and tuition too.  And there are these books that I have to buy for the second semester and oh, there’s my internet which is one month overdue already.  Bills keep pouring like heavy rain while I am waiting for paychecks to come the way a farmer wait for rain in the middle of drought season.  In short, I was financially drained. 

When enrollment for the second semester started last week, I did not enroll right away as I was thinking where to get funds for it.  I was wishing then that I could avail of payday loans online as it seems like it is the only answer to my financial problem.  Good thing our educational allowance arrived like manna from heaven so I was able to enroll last Tuesday.  Thanks God for answering my prayer.

Everytime I needed money, I would always wish that it was not invented at all.  As I have observed, it is always the answer to everyone’s problem.  I never met anyone who has no financial problem.  I feel stressed even by just listening to them talk about their predicament.  Can anyone invent something that could replace money?