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Last night my sister texted me that she sent a package via LBC and that it is expected to be delivered today.  As usual I am expecting it to be delivered at our doorstep.  However, this afternoon my officemate in S.K. Pendatun Avenue told me that I have a package waiting for me at the office.  I wondered because I never let my packages be delivered in our office as I am not there all the time.  There are times that I need to report for work in the Hall of Justice since my boss is there.  I asked her where did it came from and she said the name of my sister.  So I texted my sister to inquire about the address she wrote on the package and she said she used my house address as we normally do. 

How this LBC guy delivered my package in the address not written on the package itself?  I do not like what he did as it is not comfortable on my part.  Imagine the hassle, from ORC I have to go to S.K. Pendatun Avenue just to get that package.  I did not really appreciate it.  It is the first time that it happened to me.  It pissed me off.  The house where I live is just on the second floor where LBC Quezon Avenue, Cotabato City branch is located.  Why can’t they just go upstairs and ring the doorbell than going to the office where I do not stay all the time?  They should have followed the wish of the shipper to deliver it right on my doorstep not anywhere else.  I am really thinking of making a report on this.  I don’t want it to happen again to anyone.