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I went early to the office yesterday only to be confronted with a heavy traffic along Gov. Gutierrez Avenue.  I had to walk from there to reach our office.  This was due to the event that the whole ARMM Complex is celebrating; the 21st year of Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.  There were a lot of people donning attires of different colors.  ARMM employees were having a parade. My eyes were pleased with what I saw and I was fascinated to a great extent. As I was about to enter the gate of ARMM Compound, a beautiful float caught my attention.  It was adorned with different colors and a design depicting the Maranao art.  It looked like a bed of a queen.  It was a shame I did not bring my camera.

I saw the same float again on my way to Pritong Manok for lunch with my officemates Calay, Lheng and Norhani.  Like me, they were also captivated by the beauty of the float and despite the drizzle and the stares we got from people around, we still pose for the camera.  I enjoyed it so much.  After lunch, I saw people crowding the same float and like us, they also took pictures of its captivating beauty.  Well, we went back again to take more pictures and pose to our heart’s content. 

I am sharing here some pictures from yesterday’s frolics.  It was so much fun.   

our best pose ever

side view 

are we modelling these bags or something?

front view

this is me :)

Does it look like it's drizzling?

(photo credits: Lheng dear)


An said...

wala jud ka nagtaba len ba. Pati si calay slim lng japon. During sa ARMM Annivrsary ni Len?