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I just got a perfect gift for my very dear friend and classmate Dimple. I thought of it when my office mate opened a printing business that specializes on tarpaulin printing, personalized mugs and anything that could be personalized. He is also venturing into Business Logo Design. It is rather new but he is gaining a lot of customers.

I thought of giving my friend a personalized mouse pad with her picture and that of her husband when I saw my office mate brought a sample in the office. I like it so I ordered one for my friend. I got the picture from her Facebook account without her knowing about it. I am sorry Dimps but I did with a good intention. It was delivered to me the next day and so I was able to give it to her just in time for Christmas. I was so happy seeing her smile. I laughed when she said that she will put it in a frame instead of using it as a mouse pad.

I am very well ready for Christmas. I have prepared 20-peso bills for the kids who will come to our house to sing Christmas carols. I already wrapped my gifts for my sisters. And I am going to have a three-day vacation leave as I am excited for my sister to give birth anytime from today. Since I am going home to my parents for the holiday, I am not sure if I can get online there. So as early as now, I would like to greet all of you who take the time to read this post. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you.