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Lately, I noticed that I get uncomfortable whenever I wear my office uniform. It seems like I cannot breath as it is too tight. The buttons of my blouse look like they are going to fly away anytime especially the ones near my tummy area. Yesterday, as I wore my blouse, it does not fit well like it used to do before. It made me feel awkward. Okay, I have to face my problem. I am gaining weight. You see, when I am stressed out, I would eat non-stop like a glutton. I guess my frequent visits to Mc Donald's has a lot to to with my “excess baggage”. It is so disgusting to see my tummy protruding, ewwww!

I looked back at the start of the current year and remembered my New year's resolution. I am so disappointed with myself. Whatever happened to my eat healthy resolve? This morning, I decided that I am going to shed some pounds starting tomorrow. If only I can hire a personal trainer Long Beach to help me with my dilemma. However, thinking of Christmas that is just two days away, makes it more difficult for me to control my food intake. I want to postpone dieting since I feel lazy during holidays. I may not curb my food consumption but I will try best to do some exercise every morning. How I wish there is a fitness class here like Long Beach personal training that I can enroll to. Well, with or without it, I really have to exercise or I will be having a miserable time come January when I have to wear my uniform again.