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At last, my favorite month of the year finally arrived.  December always excites me for a lot of reasons.  This is the month that I feel like everyday is nothing but all about food.  A lot of families held reunions during this month.  Schools are also  having alumni homecoming like the high school where I graduated; my Alma Mater Notre Dame of Edcor is having a homecoming on the 30th.  I hope I could come.  I think December is all about celebration. 

Why I love December, simply because it is Christmas time.  The atmosphere is different.  Christmas songs can be heard over the radio again and again.  I could play my favorite Eraserheads song, Fruitcake again. For this month, there are a lot to celebrate.  

Let me start with my sister’s birthday on the 4th.  She will be turning 15 already.  How time flies so fast.  My boss’ birthday is on the 8th.  It is also the feast of Immaculate Conception, the patroness of my sleepy home town Alamada. My cousin Melan will be tying the knot on the 10th.  It is also the birthday of my dear friend Romel.  On the 12th is my own birthday (this is the foremost reason why I love December).  And of course, 25th,  Do I have to say it?  Yes, it’s Christmas!  Woot! 

December has its own charm.  People look happy.  Could the Christmas bonus responsible for it?