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I woke up late to find that I am the only one who woke up late.  My sister went to work also my other room mate Ate Lanie.  I do not know why but I suddenly felt sad.  So I reached for my book and started reading; trying to forget that today is my birthday.  No food to prepare, no celebration, just reading like I use to do everyday.  When I feel like going to sleep again, I turned on my laptop and well opened my Facebook account.  There I see the first person to greet me was my professor in Obligation and Contracts during my undergraduate years; no other than the Honorable Board Member of the First District of Cotabato Province Atty. Celestino Rapacon.  what an honor to be remembered by one of the people who moulded my mind. 

My sisters Erika, Euvelyn and Eleonor  texted me too. celebration but I am happy.  As of now my wall is being flooded by the greetings of my good friends.  I love you all.  Thank you for making me happy today.  It is priceless.  My sweet friend Zailani has made this card for me.  Thanks Lan. Mwah!

I also have one given by Norhani last Friday but since I do not have my camera with me, I will post it later.  Thank you folks for putting a smile on my face.  


Yami said...

Happy birthday to you sis. More blessings to come your way. :)

Jona said...

belated happy birthday Len. looks like you had a very joyful one :D

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