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I went to school early as I have an examination schedule in Criminal Law. Although I have read my book but still I am worried because I am not sure if I have absorbed all that I read.  As I was anxiously waiting for the bell to ring, I talked to my classmates about the exam.   We were discussing about the coverage of the exams which will start from Title One of Revised Penal Code Book Two up to Homicide.  Well, if I am to be asked about the elements of the crimes that we discussed, I can give one of the common elements which is, the offender is a public officer.  The elements of Rebellion are something that I have memorized by heart because of its mnemonics, P.U.T.A. which stands for public uprising and taking up of arms against the government.  This I have learned from my professor in Criminal Law.  Although I have studied my lessons, still I am not confident that I can answer all the questions.  I was fervently praying that a miracle would happen.  That my professor will just say that the exam will be cancelled and will be re-scheduled next year.  I was crossing my fingers.

My professor came to class early.  We fell silent awaiting every word that he will say.  When he opened his mouth to speak, the miracle happened indeed!  He announced that he will make our Christmas merry by postponing the exam and will be re-scheduled later after Christmas break.  All of us inside the room were rejoicing over this new development.  I felt so relieved.  It gave me more time to study.  I went home early with Dimple and her husband.

No time to play as I have an exam tomorrow on Property.  Until next time folks.  God bless.