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My sister Erika turned fifteen yesterday.  It cannot be denied anymore our baby is turning into a lady.  She is very shy now and very conservative. We celebrated her birthday at my sis Euvelyn's house.  She was a little disappointed as my father left for Manila yesterday.  To appease her, I bought this cake especially for her birthday. 

 I can't believe time is flying so fast.  I dread the day that she would come to me and ask if she can already have a boyfriend.  I do not want it to happen this early.  I want her to finish her studies get a degree, have a job and be successful before getting into a relationship.  I do not want her to be like the other young girls who became mothers on their teens as what is the norm these days.  I really want to protect her with all the best I can.  As much as possible, I do not want her to experience the hardship that we experienced in the past.  That is why I do everything that I can being her sister in guiding her as this is what teen-agers like her need.  I always speak to her not only as a sister but a friend.  I always remind her 
of the consequences of early parenthood. I let her learn from the experience of others.  As I always told her, the wise learn not from their own mistakes from the mistakes of others.  she does not need to make a mistake to learn.  I am happy with her choice of friends.  I know sometimes  I am very over protective but this is not for me but for her own good.  Enough of serious stuff.  Let's go to the lighter side.

Yesterday when we bought this cake, the clerk asked us why of all names we wanted to put Meow instead of her real name.  My sister has a lot of pet names and Meow is my favorite and I want her to feel that she is loved by putting her pet name instead of her real name that sounds so formal.  she may grow very old but to me, she will still be my baby.  The little girl that used to hold my hand when crossing the street.  The little girl that I love with all my heart.  My little Meow.


Yami said...

Hi sis. musta na? Happy birthday to your sister. :)

Thanks for following my other site. :)

Jona said...

you're a very sweet ate. i wish i was able to do this to my sister. happy birthdayy to her :D

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