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I am counting the days.  Six days more to go and I will be celebrating my birthday.  It is like it was only yesterday that I celebrated my birthday and now I am turning a year older again.  Another chapter of my life is about to open.  I am not worrying.  In fact, I am excited.  I am not afraid to get old although a lot of women fear old age.  There are also women who hide their real age.  Well, not me.  If somebody asks me about my age, I would readily tell how old I am.
Since I started working, I always give myself a gift on my birthday.  No matter how small or big the gift is but if it makes me happy then I would buy it for myself.  Last year, I bought a bracelet and laptop for myself.  This year, I already have an idea for a gift.  I am considering a laptop bag and a bag for my books.  Well anyway, what if I will just buy myself a mantle clock?  Not a bad idea either.  I do not want a party.  I only wanted to celebrate my birthday with my family; nothing luxurious as I am not used to it.  I would rather use my money to pay my tuition that spend it on having a party which is not a good thing to do when you are financially tight.

I believe that my birthday will just pass without doing anything fancy like having a lavish celebration.  What is important is to give thanks to God for giving me another year to live.