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Negotiable Instruments Law exam last night.  I was so mentally drained that I slept so soundly when I got home.  It is a very nice way to sleep than taking sleeping pills.  It worked for me. :)

I had Transportation Law exam earlier. Thanks God, no multiple questions to mess up my mind, only kilometric questions that made my right hand shake because of 1 1/2 hour of non-stop writing of answers.  I wish I am an ambidextrous. 

Four subjects down, three more to go.  Tomorrow is Land and Titles schedule.  So good luck to me again. And oh, I need more than that, I need blessings. :)
Midterm Examination week.....

It's very exhausting but I do not have a choice since I want to pass all my subjects.  Two down, five subjects more to go.  I will discuss next time the answer to my assignment in Criminal procedure.  Thanks to my ever loyal assistant, Google for helping me with my assignments and cases.

Gotta go, I still need to study in preparation for tomorrow night's exam.  


Our class in Criminal Procedure ended with my professor giving me an assignment about pleading guilty to a lesser offense; i.e. if it is allowed under the Rules on Criminal Procedure.  And I was thinking that our next class would be on Thursday but good thing my classmate reminded me that next meeting will be tomorrow.  With a lot of things in mind, I forgot about my class schedule.  Poor me! 

When I got home, I immediately opened my laptop and took my assignment seriously by doing some research before I embarrass myself in class tomorrow night and I can give my professor a satisfactory answer.   As always I consulted Mr. Google again.  Fortunately, I found what I was looking for.  I hope it is the answer to his question. 

I feel pressured especially that I am called to recite in class constantly,  sometimes depriving my classmates of their moment to shine.  This is embarrassing.  I do not want them to think that I am dominating the class.  I admit, I am not  brilliant but just an idiot of a student struggling to pass my subjects; however my professor have this penchant of always making me stand and answer his questions that sometimes I would be standing for the whole period.   

Fortunately, this is not true with my other subjects. For if it would be also what I have in Crim Pro, for sure, I won’t be sleeping 24/7.  Thanks God!

 Accidents nowadays are inevitable. Most common of which are auto accidents ranging from pedestrian accidents, motorcycle accidents,  and bicycle accidents. No matter how careful we are there are others who are not careful enough to avoid it. What if it really happens? It would be apparent that you would be out of work because of somebody's carelessness. No matter how big or small the injury was, the injured party should be properly compensated for it. In some cases, insurance companies tries to run away from their obligations posing circumstances that neglect the injured person's rights.

Well, if you have that very same problem and is currently living in Hawaii, you are one lucky person because a Hawaii Auto Accident Lawyer is just around the corner. So drop everything now and get what you deserve.
If you have a new product that you want to introduce to the market, what would you do?  Yes, resort to the powerful multi-media tool called advertising.  Be it in radio, print, billboards or anything you can think of that would make the market aware of the product.

These days, there are various forms of advertisement that were inexistent in the past.  When I was a child, the advertisement I was familiar with are only in radio, television, newspapers and magazines.  Over the years as technology revolutionized, so is advertising.  Everywhere, you can see giant billboards promoting a certain product with their enticing visual.  It became more daring year after year with novel ideas.

In my business class in college, I was introduced to another strategy of advertising.  It is by way of giving freebies or other promotional items that are being distributed to customers for them to try and patronize a product.  It is also a form of free advertising.  In my previous job, which is a home improvement store, we reached out to customers by giving away useful items  like stickers, promotional mugs, towels, t-shirts, calendars, pens, notebooks, umbrellas and a lot more.  All these items have the business logo of the store.  So everytime the customer uses the item, he also advertises the store by showing to anyone the logo of our store that would enable them to know about its existence.  The company did not pay any cent but is able to advertise its business.

Advertisements keep on getting better and better with each advertising agency wanting to get ahead of the others.  This for sure is an assurance of a brighter future ahead of advertising as there would still be more marketing strategies would be unraveled.
My week started with something bad.  I woke up very early not because I want to but the incessant itchiness of my arms, neck and face. Then I felt it spreading on my back, legs and scalp.  I got up and look myself in the mirror, and there it was the rashes and the swelling of my face, arms and legs that confirmed it.  Welcome back allergy!

I really hate it!  It is like an unwelcome guest that keeps on coming back no matter how much I am disgusted of its presence.  Why in the world I have developed allergies on shrimps.  Does it have anything to do with aging?  I have allergy attack before but not as frequent as present.  When I was in college, I also developed an allergy with some foods especially eggs but I gradually grown immune to it.  I hope it would also be the same with sea foods.

Well, here I am still in my bed taking a rest after taking my medicine.  I am just grateful that it is not worse like the previous ones where I would have a fever and breath constriction like everything inside would not let me breath. I just noticed that the medicine is slow this time.  After an hour of taking an anti-allergy, I could still see and feel the swelling and itchiness.  I hope it would subside soon.  I want to go to work and to school ASAP!
After twelve years of being a career woman, a friend of mine decided to become a fulltime mom and housewife to her kids and husband.  She is thrilled with the idea of taking care of her kids’ and husband’s needs as she was not able to do it, since the day she got married.  When she was still a career woman, she left everything to the household help.  She used to cook for her family on weekends but now she does it daily. 

It has been going well for the first five months.  However, when boredom started to creep in, she thought if she had made a mistake in quitting her job.  The moment her husband and kids leave their home and her tasks for the day is done, she sits all day lost in her thoughts; pondering how she can be productive while staying at home.  Then one day, a friend of hers suggested that she try enrolling in some online courses.  It was not a welcome idea at first but when boredom struck again, enrolling in an online class became appealing.

 The next day, she began hunting for online colleges with the help of her friend.  Since her hobby is taking pictures, she decided to harness her skill in this field and checked out some online degree programs in photography.  After spending a week on school hunting, she found one through . Gradually, she liked the idea of going to school without leaving her home and giving up precious hours of family time.   .  She can be a full time housewife and earn a degree at the same time.  It is hitting two birds with a stone. 

She has been an online student for a month now and today, she told me how exciting her life had become since she enrolled and expressed her desire of taking another degree.  With that enthusiasm, I doubt if boredom would ever visit her again.
Second gate of  Notre Dame University

Second gate
Front gate of Notre Dame University

Here comes the month of June, rainy season once again.   Due to the incessant rain every night, half of our small city is flooding.  Last Monday was supposed to be the start of our classes but then even the university is also covered with water.  This morning as I looked over the terrace of the place where I am staying, I could see the water starting to build up and covering our street.  Another night of raining and I am sure, our street will look like a river.  This is a lot worse than the previous year.  I think I am going to school in my slippers and riding a boat instead of the usual transportation. We have our own version of Waterworld.

The buildup of water hyacinth coming from neighboring marshy places in the Rio Grande de Mindanao is the biggest factor to this heavy flooding.  Last Saturday while traversing the Quirino Bridge going out of the city, I saw the swelling (more or less 10 hectare) island of water hyacinth in the middle of the river.  I wanted to take pictures but forgot to bring my camera.

The thought of walking in the murky waters give me the shivers.  What if there are snakes? Can I just die first before seeing a snake swimming towards me?  No way, this rain has to stop!

Photos courtesy of Lhengkits
They say dogs are man’s best friend.  They can be loyal to you as long as they are showered with love and attention that is due to them.   However, there are incidents where a dog bites its owner or a kid.  So before thinking of having one, I have here a list of the most common kid-friendly dog breeds and how to find a match for your family:

Perfect if you're a family of three, with a preschooler. Labs are playful yet gentle creatures. They love kids, especially those who actively play with them. even allowing kids to ride on their backs. labs live long from 12 to 14 years - so you can expect long and loyal friend for your child.

Perfect if you're a family with a preschooler. Dalmatians are very friendly, outgoing, and alert. They're very sociable yet make good watchdogs. They bond well with family.

Perfect if you're a family of five, with one toddler and one preschooler. Beagles are very lovable and cheerful. their size makes them easy to care for and live with. Plus, they have long life spans so you can expect a long friendship between your kids and you beagle.

Perfect if you're a family of six, with a baby and toddlers or preschoolers. they're fairly small, gentle, and very friendly. Basset hounds need little grooming because their hair sheds only minimally. They're also very calm and don't bark often; no worries that they'll wake your hard-to-put-to-sleep little angel.

perfect if you're a family of four, with a baby and a toddler. Golden retriever are perfect for families with young kids because they get along well with kids and have a happy temperament. They don't bark often but are aggressive to strangers.

Buying presents for family members and friends is exciting but it can also be challenging especially if you have a lot of people to give gifts to. Hunting for the best gifts for the people that you care about takes time and if you are very busy with other things, you may not be able to finish all your shopping spree in time. Sometimes, gift giving can be a dilemma especially when we do not have an idea what the person wants to have or expecting to receive.  Fortunately, there are ways to save time and efforts when it comes to special gift shopping. For busy people like you, giving out wines to friends and family members perfect just make sure that you put your wines in nice wine bottle gift bags to make your gift look great.

There are many beautiful wine bottle gift bags available in the market today so you need not make wine gift bags on your own. You can easily find some fabulous wine bottle gift bags in your favorite wine stores and shops. In fact, some wine and spirits stores offer free wine bottle gift bags if you buy a certain number of wine bottles so you need not spend extra money on your wine bottle gift bags.
I was in the middle of my breakfast when my friend called.  She called just to complain about how she hates her vinyl bedroom flooring because of the scratches and its fading color.  She asked for my opinion on what I think would be nice for her bedroom flooring since I used to work in a home improvement store.   I told her that she can have another type of flooring if she likes to change it.  I suggested a lot of options.  Personally, I like ceramic tiles and granite tiles because it is not hard to maintain.  The flooring would be shiny even if you just polish it with a piece of cloth; no more waxy and smelly polishing to endure.  For elegance, I suggested Laminate flooring install.  She can have a medium density fiber board (MDF) or the high density fiber board.  This can be quite expensive but it is worth it after all the work is done.   I am glad that I have not yet forget what I learned before.  This is like being in my old job again.

As for my breakfast?  I totally forget about it because of my excitement to talk about this kind of things.  I went on discussing about flooring for another hour.  This is one thing that I should always remember; for me to turn my phone off when I am having a meal.  Okay, next time.  
I love seeing the beauty of sunlight on the window.   I hear the chirping of birds and the gentle whisper of wind outside.  This is what I always wanted; to wake and witness the beauty of the morning.  I am happy and contented while sipping a cup of coffee while thinking what I will do for the rest of the day.   This is going to be a great weekend.

I cherish moments like this.  I used to take it for granted but lately, I long to experience this again.  I miss my farm girl life.  With the place that I live right now, I can’t seem to relax and think better because instead of seeing endless greenery, all there is for me are endless concrete and loud honking jeepneys. There is no fresh air to breathe which makes the situation worse.  I wish I am still in our farm, sleeping under a tree and enjoying its shade like I used to do when I was young.  Well, anyway this is still a beautiful morning for me.  I am pleased to spend quality bonding time with my family.

I hope you are also having a beautiful morning guys.   I will play Farm town for an hour before I go.  My farm needs harvesting now.  I have to hire harvesters before my crops withered.  Be back in a little while.   Start the morning right with a healthy breakfast like I do.  Good morning everyone.
War, stock market mayhem, inflation, and oil price hike; these are just some of the factors that affect the world economy and with it, the investments. Just recently, here in the Philippines, there were several bank closures.  Looking at the faces of the distraught depositors makes me think twice about investing.   I have been taught about different kinds of investing strategies.  A friend suggested that buying stocks is one way of making my money grow without exerting so much effort.  Another told me to put it in t time deposit.  However, seeing the news about banks going on holiday makes me wary to risk my hard earned money.

How about investing on precious metals?  Have you tried investing in gold?  Thanks to Tax Payer Relief Act, gold and other kinds of precious metals can now be added to their IRA accounts.  There are people who invest in gold as they say, it is a crisis commodity because as its price rises even when the stock prices dropped.   Buying gold bullion is the most established way of investing in gold which mostly can be bought or sold at the banks, sometimes in gold bullion dealers like Gold Coins Gain.

Gold Coins Gain is a gold advisor website for those who want to invest in gold.  For those who do not have an idea about gold investing, they provide gold investing information for you.  You will learn about the complexities of terms in gold investing which gold investors would likely encounter like IRA gold and 401k gold.   For example, a gold IRA refers to an IRA held by a custodian that offers investments in precious metals like gold.  This site also offers information about gold 401k  and gold IRA transfer.  For you to know more about gold investments, give it a shot by visiting their website for an in depth discussion.
It was in 2009 that I decided to create a Facebook account for two reasons. Mainly because of its overwhelming popularity and second, to reconnect with old friends, classmates, acquaintances and relatives that I lost contact with. After a while, I was introduced to the world of Facebook games; Mafia Wars and Farm Town. It was with the latter that I went crazy with after my office mate Calay introduced me to it. I remember the time when I would compete with my office mates on who would sit in front of the computer just to harvest their crops before they wither. Sometimes, we would go to a cafe just so we could harvest other farmer's crops and earn more coins. My cousin Cherry Ann and my sisters used to be Farm Town fanatics, too. It was so much fun then.

However, after months of endless plowing, planting, hiring and harvesting I got bored and tired of the game. I do not feel any challenge anymore. I decided to stop playing when I went back to school. I got busy and forgot about it. I focused on my lessons it being so demanding. When my sister Euvelyn had her maternity leave, she went back to playing Farm Town to battle boredom. That's when I learned about the new Farm Town facilities that would make me earn more coins. She invited me to help in her facilities, in turn I got coins and a certain percentage of the products that the facility was producing at the time I helped. I find it as something new so I went back to Farm Town.

On my progress. After almost two months of playing I sky rocketed from level 38 to level 91! I am now a Green Commando farmer! Thanks to all the facilities that helped me a lot. I am in love with Farm Town once again.   
For me, medical profession ranked number two next to teaching as one of the noblest jobs.  I once dreamed of becoming a nurse when I was a little girl.  I was inspired by my aunt’s picture in scrubs that my late grandmother put on the wall of her living room.  But then, when I turned sixteen and about to enter college, I changed my mind for a simple reason that I do not like the sight of blood coming from wounds.  There was one time that I fainted when I realized I slice my own finger due to clumsiness.   Good thing, my aunt saw me and she was the one who attended to my not so deep but very painful wound.  I almost chopped off almost a quarter of my left thumb.  The pain had gone away a long time ago but the scar remained as a reminder of my own clumsiness.

Even if I did not become a nurse, I am still glad because one of my cousins became one when she passed the nursing board exam last December 2010.  During my college years, nursing course was so popular that it became a fad.  And almost overnight, a lot of schools started to open nursing courses.  Some of my classmates in college took the same course after they got their bachelor’s degree in commerce.  I have known about it because there is still a constant communication between us.  From time to time, we update each other.  I love watching their pictures in Facebook wearing their medical nursing scrubs.   

I also have this roommate who took three courses before she realized her true calling; which is to practice a medical profession.  She first took commerce, then midwifery.  When she became a midwife, she practiced for a while then got bored and took up accountancy where she graduated the same year as I finished my commerce degree.  After we parted ways, I learned she went back to school for a nursing degree.  Two business related courses and two medical related ones, she did not get tired to study.  She became a nurse eventually and now living in Europe with her family.

I cannot imagine how people like them who took up a business course suddenly turned to a medical course but seeing their happy faces proudly wearing their lab white coat  also makes me very proud of them who took this noble profession.  

Like my mother, I was so engrossed with growing plants when I was young.  I used to grow vegetables and flowers.  Since we have a wide space at the back of our house, my mother decided to make it into a vegetable garden.  Nothing delights me more than seeing those beds of radish sprouting into life from those little seeds that they used to be.  Neighbors would flock our home to ask for vegetables and my mother would give them for free.  Our front yard having a wide space was also converted into a flower garden. My siblings and I used to plant roses, daisies and bougainvilleas. When it is time for the roses to bloom, I would stay in the garden and smell their sweet smelling scent.  I so love to do it!    It was our way of getting close to each other.  Gardening is bonding time and it was so much fun and I miss doing it.

I love flowers.  Roses and Dancing Lady are my favorites.  I want to have a flower garden where I can plant rose bushes and enjoy their smell once again.  However, I am no longer staying with my parents.  I am staying in a house where there no space for gardening.  It is quite depressing to see nothing but concrete.  No fresh air that smells of flower to breath.  Oh how I love being home.   
The school year is about to end.  I still have four more exams to go before vacation time.  For others, it is a time to go anywhere to relax and enjoy but for me, it is still work and more of advance reading.  I decided to do some advance reading because while browsing my prospectus last night, I saw two subjects that need some serious reading, Labor Standards and Negotiable Instruments Law.  I am not saying that my other subjects should not be taken seriously but these two need special attention.  And as one of my professors said before, vacation is not only for relaxing but also for reading.

Right now, I am studying for my two exams tomorrow but with my sister having undergone an operation last night, I can’t focus on my lessons. Until now my mind is still numb and I can’t seem to absorb what I read and I am starting to get disappointed with myself but I won’t stop.  Maybe I just need some rest and start again tomorrow at dawn.  Out of frustration last night, I was not able to got hold of my temper that I threw my book away only to pick it up when I woke up this morning.  I do not have a good disposition since I learned of what happened to my sister.  Seeing her writhing in pain broke my heart.  Fortunately, she is recuperating now and by tomorrow I hope, she would be discharged from the hospital.  Please include her in your prayers my friend.
After my sister gave birth to her daughter last January 3, the next thing she planned to do is renovate one of their rooms and convert it into a nursery.  Being a new mom, she is very much excited for her new role that every month she is celebrating her baby’s birthday.  I have never heard of a mom doing it, only my sister.  Yesterday, she went shopping with her husband for some good bedroom lighting for the baby’s room.   Like all mothers, she loves her daughter too that she wants only the best for her.   She is very picky when it comes to her baby’s things.  Even her choice of milk bottle and bathroom products made me close my eyes when I learned about the price.  Well anyway, this is what she is prepared to be so I can’t blame her for being extravagant when it comes to her baby.

This afternoon, we were talking again about some new more changes in their home.  This time, she wants new lighting for every room.  She said she wants some changes as she is getting bored of the rooms’ old look.  I do not know what is running through her head but well, if she can afford all those expenses, why not?
I was in one of my favorite sites where you would be able to post any other thought that you have about anything and everything you could ever think of. Much like anything under the sun thing; from your post or other people's thoughts reactions are given and so on.

One of the questions that was posted was about domain names. "What are Domain Names?" was the exact question. In my own train of thought a domain name is something that makes a certain address in the internet identifiable. Its purpose is to provide a way for a certain address to be easily remembered or recognized.  A domain name in the internet world turns out to be websites. See, in order to make a website you need to have a domain name that can be easily memorized or remembered. In that way it can be accessed easily.
One of the most known domain name is or so on and so forth. Their extensions may vary from .org, .biz, .net and so on; depending on the purpose of the address. For whatever purpose it may be, it should be kept in mind that it should be something sensible in a way that the maker itself will be able to remember it and that it bears its own meaning.
Summer days is just around the corner and as usual its getting warmer as the day goes by and it surely would be getting hotter up to even boiling temperature that is unavoidable in this tropical country of ours. Speaking of hot, I had some musings about buying a nice ceiling fan that is such a welcome thought that could greatly cool the breeze. 
I was browsing the net when I came upon Hansen Wholesale Ceiling Fans. A site that has a wide variety of ceiling fans from contemporary to old-fashioned, simple or sophisticated and or ceiling fans for any other part of the house. Now those choices are something that my mind can go through to think about while there is not much warm air around. It is better to beat the hot air after all.

Another thing that really suits my taste is an energy saving feature that would greatly help lower my energy bill. At this highly increasing global warming concern days we should be conscious about appliances that are energy efficient. Putting it nicely, I will be cooled during the warm days to come but then I would not have a 
brain freeze when my energy bill comes. How amazing that would be.

And for your ceiling fan needs, find out who makes the best ceiling fans here! 

In a long time I have not had a good hair treatment that made me sit in a beauty parlor's chair for more than five hours! Doesn't it seem immemorial? Who cares?! (LOL). I will wait and sit for the sake of fine soft hair. (Winks). First the usual hair washing and shampooing was done but before that i had to wait for about half an hour coz they are doing some cleaning on their ac. OH well I will do it now or never. (LOL again!). To make the wait somewhat worthwhile I had my brows threaded to which I like the result :D .After a bunch of chit chat with my friend whom I dragged with me (thanks Sheila :D) the wait has come to an end.

While the lady doing my hair was applying some medicine on my hair I thought about asking her how long would it take to make my hair nice and then she said "5 hours po". But because I so wanted to do it I just shrugged it off. So I sat and wait. Had a loooong talk with my friend and then she eventually had to leave me because she had a regular Friday date with her boyfriend. And that can not in any way be postponed. So ia have to say byes. 

SO I have the beautician left to talk to. I was amazed about how she opened almost her whole life to me. I guess I have that sign in my forehead that says "Can Handle All Dramas". LOL. But then in the end she made my wait easier. Another wash was done and my hair was dried then another set of application to my hair. Still Im not complaining.. hehehe.. an hour later another rinse and finally a much welcome blowdry! and it was done.. what a relief. Luckily I liked the final result. hehehe.. my friends and I call that "gandang tiis" lol..
had been wondering what do people think or consider when they conceptualize a logo design? For one it should be eye-catching so that the logo itself will be able to sell itself. It is always good for a certain product or establishment to be noticed outright. Curiosity most of the time will get people to get into the place and discover the place themselves thereby getting involved into what that particular store sells. Thus creating more sales. Get the idea?

Another one that i think will make a logo design click is to make it as symbolic as possible. Symbolic of what it is going to represent. May it be a simple store, food chain, or even huge institution thinks big about creating their logos. The design itself must show the concept of what the company stands for thereby creating an impression of what people should think when they see the logo.

A balance in the design also creates an impression of how harmonized the creation was done. Since a logo is almost always a company's front line because it represent the company's symbol the consistent balance in its creation will reveal a message to those who may have look at it. A logo that catches an attention in a single glance almost always relays success.
Hello everyone, everything had been in swirl for me this past months working alone at home left with all the chores.. Anyways, here I am again with one of Dong's happy moments, well this time its learning moments.

I was around Christmas that my nephews from Zamboanga (Mac-mac and Addy) came to visit for the season. As what kids often do think Dong to speak about so many different words. Particularly the word "maasim" (sour).. They kept saying it to Dong that the little one kept saying it over and over again. Luckily, that one word paved the way for Dong to eventually repeat almost everything that he hears, from just a simple hi to trying to urge me to watch his favorite TV show Willing Willie which is "Wiwi" to him.. lol.. Now he is reciting his ABCs which in his ways his "acb".. lol.. Funny as it may seem but it brought great joy to me hearing my son talk.. yey! finally.

As I have been longing for a long time i finally heard Dong say "mama" and "papa" as often as he can.  And oh every time his favorite show is on he drops everything and watches it without batting a lash and along with it he sings Willie Revillame's " I love you" and i love it every time he says he wants to wing "Avu".. :D
Waking up to a rainy morning makes me want to go back to bed, hug my pillow and sleep all day. However, it is still Friday and I have to go to work (no choice) and for that reason also, I was not able to join my classmates in the early morning parade. Our Law Days starts today and I am so sad because I was not with them but for sure, I will be joining them this afternoon. I lazily got up from my bed, had breakfast while checking e-mails. I received a couple of mails from friends but mostly email marketing newsletter. Having done that, I took a shower and I went off to work.

We are having a cold weather due to the low pressure area we are experiencing. It is cloudy during the day and heavy rain pours at night. It has been going on since last week. I hope the weather would not be like this tomorrow as I am going home to be with my parents and my niece Erin Leila for the post celebration of her first birthday. Her mother is not here so I will be a mother for her for the mean time. I am so excited to see and hug her again. I miss my baby Erin. I sure will post pictures later.  
Hurray it’s holiday!  I want to relax and watch tv but there is so much to be done and I don’t know where to start.  I woke up late since I also slept last night.  It is almost noon and yet I have not eaten a single grain of rice.  I am not hungry.  The Cloud 9 bar is tempting me but I will not succumb to it.  Just looking at all the books that I still have to read takes my appetite away. 

As soon as I opened my eyes around 10 a.m. the first thing I grabbed is my Revised Penal Code book.  After browsing for an hour, I got bored and sleepy so I spent more or less fifteen minutes playing on Facebook and then decided it’s enough.  Then I paid my friends’ blogs a visit to update myself about what is happening to them.  This is one thing I missed to do.  Blogging took a backseat since I go back to school.  I am glad to have been blogging since 2009 and I will not say goodbye to it no matter how busy I am.  Through blogging, I found a way to express myself and say what I want for the whole world to know.  Thanks to Ate An for introducing me to this world.

Ok guys, it's time to grab my lunch.  I fancy a cup of hot chocolate for lunch (weird).

Did you receive flowers today?  If you did not, it's ok take heart.  As what my friend always say, "Don't worry, you'll live".

Well here I am again folks.  Taking some time to relax after battling with grueling weeks of drafting and making the layout of my boss’ decision, finally I was able to come out with a decent and presentable format.  I was done printing five sets only to discover that something is wrong on the first and second page.  After a few touches, it was fixed but it turned out I ran out of ink for the printer.  I have to wait again until this afternoon.  I feel so good today.  I woke up and went to work early.  It’s Monday and we have a flag ceremony and it is something I do not want to miss.  It is the time that I have to affirm my being a Filipino and a law-abiding citizen of my country.

I still have to study my lessons.  Midterm exams will start on Thursday.  I think this is going to be a good week.  I started everything right and I hope nothing will happen to ruin my good mood.  I miss my lunch date.  She is not here anymore.  She went back to their station in Upi.  Lheng is also not here.  I am having lunch all by myself.  Poor me.  If it’s up for me, I want her to be here.  I enjoyed our conversation everytime we had lunch together.  Well, anyway enough drama.  Nothing is permanent in this world as the old cliché goes; so I have to make the best of my situation and not grump about it.  I can’t make things the way I want it to be.  I don’t have the power to do that.  

Ok guys back to eating.  Baked Spaghetti, anyone?
My office mates and I have been thinking to go somewhere else for a weekend break. The other day, we talked about it and have come up to a decision to go to Lake Agco in Kidapawan City. It is a mountain resort located at the foot of Mt. Apo. It is gaining popularity as a tourist destination in my province after it has been developed. This place is famous for its hot springs. I am from North Cotabato but I have not been to Lake Agco since it was developed. I think this is high time for me to go.

Also one of the place that we wished and decided to go to is Gumasa in Glan, Sarangani Province. It is attracting tourist and gaining popularity not only because it is the province of famous boxer Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao but also because of its world-class white sand beaches and rich fishing grounds. Everytime I see Pacman on tv being interviewed before going on scuba diving, it kindles my desire to go, see and explore Glan.
This summer, these places that I am fantasizing to go will be realized. My office mates and I decided to spend weekends in these two places I mentioned. It was Calay who set up the budget of our travel. Good news is, it is quite affordable. I can't wait for summer to come. Lake Agco and Gumasa are two great places to spend cheap weekend breaks. You should try it sometimes.

Hello guys how are you doing? I am having a very cloudy afternoon. It is quite cold today and I really want to sleep. I miss the warmth of my bed. If only I am not at work, I would be sleeping in my bed the whole afternoon. I have been reading my book for four hours now but I don't think I have absorbed enough to serve as my weapon for class recitation tonight. Well anyway, as what we used to say, “Bahala na si Batman”. I don't know what is his relation with respect to my studies but I always use this phrase when I am no longer in control of everything. All I know is I have read and this is enough for me to survive tonight's class. (Hehehe...)

I am anxiously waiting for the time so I can go out of the office and head for school. I hope it will not rain like what happened last night. It is difficult to go home when it is raining. I was just fortunate last night that my classmate offered me a ride home.

Well.... time to review what I read. I am reading about ways of effecting delivery of goods. It is done by means of actual or real delivery or by constructive or legal delivery. It is actual when the thing sold is already in the control and possession of the vendee or the buyer. Legal delivery is done by means of executing a public instrument. Public instrument is one which is signed and acknowledged by a notary public or any person who has the authority to administer oath. For example a deed of sale. Hmm...I hope I would be able to remember everything I have read.

Good luck to myself. I hope I will not be called to recite tonight. lol

It is Sunday.  I woke up very early to do my laundry.  It is time to clean and tidy up my small room.  Yesterday, I bought three meters of fabric with flower design to decorate the wall.  I got this idea from my boss.  I have been thinking about putting wall paper but I discard all thoughts about it when she re-decorated her office.  Instead of using paint or wall paper for the wall, what she did was to buy a few meters of fabric and make it as a substitute for wall paper.  She has the mind of a creative interior designer (well, she is not.  She is a judge) indeed.

This is the design that I chose for my wall.

Back to my own work, I am satisfied with my little achievement.  After installing the fabric, I went on de-cluttering my closet and everything.  I threw old magazines that I no longer need.  I changed my pillow cases and put on some fresh blanket on my bed.  As I was about to discard all the magazines, I chance upon opening a page where there is an article about webhosting and hostgator review.  I decided not to throw the same magazine as it might be of help to me in the future.

When all work was done, now all I have to do is lie on my bed feeling the luxury of the fresh new sheet.  What a beautiful Sunday indeed.
During the 80s, our concept of a job is going to work everyday punching a time card to a bundy clock so that at the end of the week or after 15 days, we could be signing on the payroll and get our precious hard earned money.  However, due to the fast development of technology, people can now have a job without leaving their respective homes.  Nowadays, you can have a job while staying at home.  I am talking of online jobs.  This is great change is very beneficial to everyone especially to those moms who cannot leave their home because they have to take care of her kids.  Having an online job is easy; as long as you have a computer and internet connection, you can look for a job on the net.

One of the jobs that are emerging in popularity is online tutorial.  Before when you hire a tutor, you have to personally see each other face to face to discuss the subject but nowadays, there are companies that are already offer online tutoring.  It does not need to hire a tutor and be with you physically to discuss your subject.  All the student need is to have an internet connection to get to his or her tutor who is available round the clock.  For me it is a very convenient type of learning.  

For parents who are busy and have no time to spend teaching their kids, they can opt for online tutoring.  We do not want to see our child being left behind by their brilliant classmates, right?  Why not try the services of Tutor Vista?  They are offering Algebra 2 Help, Statistics Help, Calculus Help, Geometry Help and Math Homework Help.  They also offer tutorial on Algebra (whew!) subjects .  I admit I never really liked Math ever since the day I learn how to count.  Number never appeals to me.  The x’s and y’s always scare the hell out of me.  It is as alien as the inscription on Rosetta Stone.  It is too much for my small brain to absorb.  It is really my weakness.  If only there is this online tutorial in my time, I would have excelled in my Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 subjects.
Busy, busy, busy...that is the way I describe my life nowadays.  so much have happened.  I lost a wonderful friendship but I gained a new one.  What I am going to post here is long time overdue already but since I was so caught up with school and stuff, I went on delaying this post but here it is now.  It is a little bit late to post this one but as they say, it is better late than never.   

What I  am sharing to you are the pictures of our new baby.  Her name is Mandy.  She is the first born of my sister Euvelyn.  She was born on January 3, 2011 at 11:57 in the evening.  She share birthday with my brother-in-law Jayson (Elanie's husband.)  My sister delivered her through induced labor.  I am thankful because she was born healthy and my sister delivered her safely.  Here are her pictures.

Peacefully sleeping while waiting for the pedia.
Baby Mandy's first picture ever.

They said that she looks like her dad.  I disagree.  She looks like my sister too.

my angel....
I want to hold her but I am scared that I might crush her. 

This is all for now but I will post more of her pictures here one of these days.  Welcome to the world baby girl.  One day, you will be a lawyer like I dream you to be.
My sister Euvelyn just turned forty weeks with her pregnancy term last January 2, 2011.    We have been anxiously waiting for her to give birth since last week of December. However, there are no signs that she will be going into labor soon. She and her husband have agreed not to have an ultrasound so that the gender of the baby would be a surprise but  being new parents, they cannot contained their excitement so they decided to do it.  So it is now official, my sister is going to have a baby girl.

While I was having my lunch earlier, I received a text message from my sister informing me that she will go through induced labor after having her lunch.  I, being an aunt again for the third time am already thinking how my niece will look like.  Would she have her mother’s features or his dad’s?  I am excited.  I am already picturing her in my arms cuddling her, of holding her arms and taking her to Jolibee as a treat.  I was pondering these things while having my lunch.  What she will become in the future?  Would she be a beautiful nurse wearing nursing scrubs?  Would she grow up as to be a gorgeous lady donning a crisp and immaculately white doctor’s uniform like her father envisioned her to be?  If it will be up for me, I want her to be a lawyer.  Whatever she will become, it is up to her.  She will figure it out when she grows up.  What I am sure of is that, the moment she will come out of her mother’s womb, a lot of people in scrub clothing will be surrounding her. 

As of now, I am still waiting for some latest news about my sister.  I have been trying to reach them but I get no response.  I have nothing else to do but wait.  I just hope and pray for my sister’s safe delivery.