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My office mates and I have been thinking to go somewhere else for a weekend break. The other day, we talked about it and have come up to a decision to go to Lake Agco in Kidapawan City. It is a mountain resort located at the foot of Mt. Apo. It is gaining popularity as a tourist destination in my province after it has been developed. This place is famous for its hot springs. I am from North Cotabato but I have not been to Lake Agco since it was developed. I think this is high time for me to go.

Also one of the place that we wished and decided to go to is Gumasa in Glan, Sarangani Province. It is attracting tourist and gaining popularity not only because it is the province of famous boxer Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao but also because of its world-class white sand beaches and rich fishing grounds. Everytime I see Pacman on tv being interviewed before going on scuba diving, it kindles my desire to go, see and explore Glan.
This summer, these places that I am fantasizing to go will be realized. My office mates and I decided to spend weekends in these two places I mentioned. It was Calay who set up the budget of our travel. Good news is, it is quite affordable. I can't wait for summer to come. Lake Agco and Gumasa are two great places to spend cheap weekend breaks. You should try it sometimes.

Hello guys how are you doing? I am having a very cloudy afternoon. It is quite cold today and I really want to sleep. I miss the warmth of my bed. If only I am not at work, I would be sleeping in my bed the whole afternoon. I have been reading my book for four hours now but I don't think I have absorbed enough to serve as my weapon for class recitation tonight. Well anyway, as what we used to say, “Bahala na si Batman”. I don't know what is his relation with respect to my studies but I always use this phrase when I am no longer in control of everything. All I know is I have read and this is enough for me to survive tonight's class. (Hehehe...)

I am anxiously waiting for the time so I can go out of the office and head for school. I hope it will not rain like what happened last night. It is difficult to go home when it is raining. I was just fortunate last night that my classmate offered me a ride home.

Well.... time to review what I read. I am reading about ways of effecting delivery of goods. It is done by means of actual or real delivery or by constructive or legal delivery. It is actual when the thing sold is already in the control and possession of the vendee or the buyer. Legal delivery is done by means of executing a public instrument. Public instrument is one which is signed and acknowledged by a notary public or any person who has the authority to administer oath. For example a deed of sale. Hmm...I hope I would be able to remember everything I have read.

Good luck to myself. I hope I will not be called to recite tonight. lol

It is Sunday.  I woke up very early to do my laundry.  It is time to clean and tidy up my small room.  Yesterday, I bought three meters of fabric with flower design to decorate the wall.  I got this idea from my boss.  I have been thinking about putting wall paper but I discard all thoughts about it when she re-decorated her office.  Instead of using paint or wall paper for the wall, what she did was to buy a few meters of fabric and make it as a substitute for wall paper.  She has the mind of a creative interior designer (well, she is not.  She is a judge) indeed.

This is the design that I chose for my wall.

Back to my own work, I am satisfied with my little achievement.  After installing the fabric, I went on de-cluttering my closet and everything.  I threw old magazines that I no longer need.  I changed my pillow cases and put on some fresh blanket on my bed.  As I was about to discard all the magazines, I chance upon opening a page where there is an article about webhosting and hostgator review.  I decided not to throw the same magazine as it might be of help to me in the future.

When all work was done, now all I have to do is lie on my bed feeling the luxury of the fresh new sheet.  What a beautiful Sunday indeed.
During the 80s, our concept of a job is going to work everyday punching a time card to a bundy clock so that at the end of the week or after 15 days, we could be signing on the payroll and get our precious hard earned money.  However, due to the fast development of technology, people can now have a job without leaving their respective homes.  Nowadays, you can have a job while staying at home.  I am talking of online jobs.  This is great change is very beneficial to everyone especially to those moms who cannot leave their home because they have to take care of her kids.  Having an online job is easy; as long as you have a computer and internet connection, you can look for a job on the net.

One of the jobs that are emerging in popularity is online tutorial.  Before when you hire a tutor, you have to personally see each other face to face to discuss the subject but nowadays, there are companies that are already offer online tutoring.  It does not need to hire a tutor and be with you physically to discuss your subject.  All the student need is to have an internet connection to get to his or her tutor who is available round the clock.  For me it is a very convenient type of learning.  

For parents who are busy and have no time to spend teaching their kids, they can opt for online tutoring.  We do not want to see our child being left behind by their brilliant classmates, right?  Why not try the services of Tutor Vista?  They are offering Algebra 2 Help, Statistics Help, Calculus Help, Geometry Help and Math Homework Help.  They also offer tutorial on Algebra (whew!) subjects .  I admit I never really liked Math ever since the day I learn how to count.  Number never appeals to me.  The x’s and y’s always scare the hell out of me.  It is as alien as the inscription on Rosetta Stone.  It is too much for my small brain to absorb.  It is really my weakness.  If only there is this online tutorial in my time, I would have excelled in my Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 subjects.
Busy, busy, busy...that is the way I describe my life nowadays.  so much have happened.  I lost a wonderful friendship but I gained a new one.  What I am going to post here is long time overdue already but since I was so caught up with school and stuff, I went on delaying this post but here it is now.  It is a little bit late to post this one but as they say, it is better late than never.   

What I  am sharing to you are the pictures of our new baby.  Her name is Mandy.  She is the first born of my sister Euvelyn.  She was born on January 3, 2011 at 11:57 in the evening.  She share birthday with my brother-in-law Jayson (Elanie's husband.)  My sister delivered her through induced labor.  I am thankful because she was born healthy and my sister delivered her safely.  Here are her pictures.

Peacefully sleeping while waiting for the pedia.
Baby Mandy's first picture ever.

They said that she looks like her dad.  I disagree.  She looks like my sister too.

my angel....
I want to hold her but I am scared that I might crush her. 

This is all for now but I will post more of her pictures here one of these days.  Welcome to the world baby girl.  One day, you will be a lawyer like I dream you to be.
My sister Euvelyn just turned forty weeks with her pregnancy term last January 2, 2011.    We have been anxiously waiting for her to give birth since last week of December. However, there are no signs that she will be going into labor soon. She and her husband have agreed not to have an ultrasound so that the gender of the baby would be a surprise but  being new parents, they cannot contained their excitement so they decided to do it.  So it is now official, my sister is going to have a baby girl.

While I was having my lunch earlier, I received a text message from my sister informing me that she will go through induced labor after having her lunch.  I, being an aunt again for the third time am already thinking how my niece will look like.  Would she have her mother’s features or his dad’s?  I am excited.  I am already picturing her in my arms cuddling her, of holding her arms and taking her to Jolibee as a treat.  I was pondering these things while having my lunch.  What she will become in the future?  Would she be a beautiful nurse wearing nursing scrubs?  Would she grow up as to be a gorgeous lady donning a crisp and immaculately white doctor’s uniform like her father envisioned her to be?  If it will be up for me, I want her to be a lawyer.  Whatever she will become, it is up to her.  She will figure it out when she grows up.  What I am sure of is that, the moment she will come out of her mother’s womb, a lot of people in scrub clothing will be surrounding her. 

As of now, I am still waiting for some latest news about my sister.  I have been trying to reach them but I get no response.  I have nothing else to do but wait.  I just hope and pray for my sister’s safe delivery.