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Busy, busy, busy...that is the way I describe my life nowadays.  so much have happened.  I lost a wonderful friendship but I gained a new one.  What I am going to post here is long time overdue already but since I was so caught up with school and stuff, I went on delaying this post but here it is now.  It is a little bit late to post this one but as they say, it is better late than never.   

What I  am sharing to you are the pictures of our new baby.  Her name is Mandy.  She is the first born of my sister Euvelyn.  She was born on January 3, 2011 at 11:57 in the evening.  She share birthday with my brother-in-law Jayson (Elanie's husband.)  My sister delivered her through induced labor.  I am thankful because she was born healthy and my sister delivered her safely.  Here are her pictures.

Peacefully sleeping while waiting for the pedia.
Baby Mandy's first picture ever.

They said that she looks like her dad.  I disagree.  She looks like my sister too.

my angel....
I want to hold her but I am scared that I might crush her. 

This is all for now but I will post more of her pictures here one of these days.  Welcome to the world baby girl.  One day, you will be a lawyer like I dream you to be.