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My sister Euvelyn just turned forty weeks with her pregnancy term last January 2, 2011.    We have been anxiously waiting for her to give birth since last week of December. However, there are no signs that she will be going into labor soon. She and her husband have agreed not to have an ultrasound so that the gender of the baby would be a surprise but  being new parents, they cannot contained their excitement so they decided to do it.  So it is now official, my sister is going to have a baby girl.

While I was having my lunch earlier, I received a text message from my sister informing me that she will go through induced labor after having her lunch.  I, being an aunt again for the third time am already thinking how my niece will look like.  Would she have her mother’s features or his dad’s?  I am excited.  I am already picturing her in my arms cuddling her, of holding her arms and taking her to Jolibee as a treat.  I was pondering these things while having my lunch.  What she will become in the future?  Would she be a beautiful nurse wearing nursing scrubs?  Would she grow up as to be a gorgeous lady donning a crisp and immaculately white doctor’s uniform like her father envisioned her to be?  If it will be up for me, I want her to be a lawyer.  Whatever she will become, it is up to her.  She will figure it out when she grows up.  What I am sure of is that, the moment she will come out of her mother’s womb, a lot of people in scrub clothing will be surrounding her. 

As of now, I am still waiting for some latest news about my sister.  I have been trying to reach them but I get no response.  I have nothing else to do but wait.  I just hope and pray for my sister’s safe delivery.