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It is Sunday.  I woke up very early to do my laundry.  It is time to clean and tidy up my small room.  Yesterday, I bought three meters of fabric with flower design to decorate the wall.  I got this idea from my boss.  I have been thinking about putting wall paper but I discard all thoughts about it when she re-decorated her office.  Instead of using paint or wall paper for the wall, what she did was to buy a few meters of fabric and make it as a substitute for wall paper.  She has the mind of a creative interior designer (well, she is not.  She is a judge) indeed.

This is the design that I chose for my wall.

Back to my own work, I am satisfied with my little achievement.  After installing the fabric, I went on de-cluttering my closet and everything.  I threw old magazines that I no longer need.  I changed my pillow cases and put on some fresh blanket on my bed.  As I was about to discard all the magazines, I chance upon opening a page where there is an article about webhosting and hostgator review.  I decided not to throw the same magazine as it might be of help to me in the future.

When all work was done, now all I have to do is lie on my bed feeling the luxury of the fresh new sheet.  What a beautiful Sunday indeed.