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Hello guys how are you doing? I am having a very cloudy afternoon. It is quite cold today and I really want to sleep. I miss the warmth of my bed. If only I am not at work, I would be sleeping in my bed the whole afternoon. I have been reading my book for four hours now but I don't think I have absorbed enough to serve as my weapon for class recitation tonight. Well anyway, as what we used to say, “Bahala na si Batman”. I don't know what is his relation with respect to my studies but I always use this phrase when I am no longer in control of everything. All I know is I have read and this is enough for me to survive tonight's class. (Hehehe...)

I am anxiously waiting for the time so I can go out of the office and head for school. I hope it will not rain like what happened last night. It is difficult to go home when it is raining. I was just fortunate last night that my classmate offered me a ride home.

Well.... time to review what I read. I am reading about ways of effecting delivery of goods. It is done by means of actual or real delivery or by constructive or legal delivery. It is actual when the thing sold is already in the control and possession of the vendee or the buyer. Legal delivery is done by means of executing a public instrument. Public instrument is one which is signed and acknowledged by a notary public or any person who has the authority to administer oath. For example a deed of sale. Hmm...I hope I would be able to remember everything I have read.

Good luck to myself. I hope I will not be called to recite tonight. lol