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I was in one of my favorite sites where you would be able to post any other thought that you have about anything and everything you could ever think of. Much like anything under the sun thing; from your post or other people's thoughts reactions are given and so on.

One of the questions that was posted was about domain names. "What are Domain Names?" was the exact question. In my own train of thought a domain name is something that makes a certain address in the internet identifiable. Its purpose is to provide a way for a certain address to be easily remembered or recognized.  A domain name in the internet world turns out to be websites. See, in order to make a website you need to have a domain name that can be easily memorized or remembered. In that way it can be accessed easily.
One of the most known domain name is or so on and so forth. Their extensions may vary from .org, .biz, .net and so on; depending on the purpose of the address. For whatever purpose it may be, it should be kept in mind that it should be something sensible in a way that the maker itself will be able to remember it and that it bears its own meaning.
Summer days is just around the corner and as usual its getting warmer as the day goes by and it surely would be getting hotter up to even boiling temperature that is unavoidable in this tropical country of ours. Speaking of hot, I had some musings about buying a nice ceiling fan that is such a welcome thought that could greatly cool the breeze. 
I was browsing the net when I came upon Hansen Wholesale Ceiling Fans. A site that has a wide variety of ceiling fans from contemporary to old-fashioned, simple or sophisticated and or ceiling fans for any other part of the house. Now those choices are something that my mind can go through to think about while there is not much warm air around. It is better to beat the hot air after all.

Another thing that really suits my taste is an energy saving feature that would greatly help lower my energy bill. At this highly increasing global warming concern days we should be conscious about appliances that are energy efficient. Putting it nicely, I will be cooled during the warm days to come but then I would not have a 
brain freeze when my energy bill comes. How amazing that would be.

And for your ceiling fan needs, find out who makes the best ceiling fans here! 

In a long time I have not had a good hair treatment that made me sit in a beauty parlor's chair for more than five hours! Doesn't it seem immemorial? Who cares?! (LOL). I will wait and sit for the sake of fine soft hair. (Winks). First the usual hair washing and shampooing was done but before that i had to wait for about half an hour coz they are doing some cleaning on their ac. OH well I will do it now or never. (LOL again!). To make the wait somewhat worthwhile I had my brows threaded to which I like the result :D .After a bunch of chit chat with my friend whom I dragged with me (thanks Sheila :D) the wait has come to an end.

While the lady doing my hair was applying some medicine on my hair I thought about asking her how long would it take to make my hair nice and then she said "5 hours po". But because I so wanted to do it I just shrugged it off. So I sat and wait. Had a loooong talk with my friend and then she eventually had to leave me because she had a regular Friday date with her boyfriend. And that can not in any way be postponed. So ia have to say byes. 

SO I have the beautician left to talk to. I was amazed about how she opened almost her whole life to me. I guess I have that sign in my forehead that says "Can Handle All Dramas". LOL. But then in the end she made my wait easier. Another wash was done and my hair was dried then another set of application to my hair. Still Im not complaining.. hehehe.. an hour later another rinse and finally a much welcome blowdry! and it was done.. what a relief. Luckily I liked the final result. hehehe.. my friends and I call that "gandang tiis" lol..
had been wondering what do people think or consider when they conceptualize a logo design? For one it should be eye-catching so that the logo itself will be able to sell itself. It is always good for a certain product or establishment to be noticed outright. Curiosity most of the time will get people to get into the place and discover the place themselves thereby getting involved into what that particular store sells. Thus creating more sales. Get the idea?

Another one that i think will make a logo design click is to make it as symbolic as possible. Symbolic of what it is going to represent. May it be a simple store, food chain, or even huge institution thinks big about creating their logos. The design itself must show the concept of what the company stands for thereby creating an impression of what people should think when they see the logo.

A balance in the design also creates an impression of how harmonized the creation was done. Since a logo is almost always a company's front line because it represent the company's symbol the consistent balance in its creation will reveal a message to those who may have look at it. A logo that catches an attention in a single glance almost always relays success.
Hello everyone, everything had been in swirl for me this past months working alone at home left with all the chores.. Anyways, here I am again with one of Dong's happy moments, well this time its learning moments.

I was around Christmas that my nephews from Zamboanga (Mac-mac and Addy) came to visit for the season. As what kids often do think Dong to speak about so many different words. Particularly the word "maasim" (sour).. They kept saying it to Dong that the little one kept saying it over and over again. Luckily, that one word paved the way for Dong to eventually repeat almost everything that he hears, from just a simple hi to trying to urge me to watch his favorite TV show Willing Willie which is "Wiwi" to him.. lol.. Now he is reciting his ABCs which in his ways his "acb".. lol.. Funny as it may seem but it brought great joy to me hearing my son talk.. yey! finally.

As I have been longing for a long time i finally heard Dong say "mama" and "papa" as often as he can.  And oh every time his favorite show is on he drops everything and watches it without batting a lash and along with it he sings Willie Revillame's " I love you" and i love it every time he says he wants to wing "Avu".. :D
Waking up to a rainy morning makes me want to go back to bed, hug my pillow and sleep all day. However, it is still Friday and I have to go to work (no choice) and for that reason also, I was not able to join my classmates in the early morning parade. Our Law Days starts today and I am so sad because I was not with them but for sure, I will be joining them this afternoon. I lazily got up from my bed, had breakfast while checking e-mails. I received a couple of mails from friends but mostly email marketing newsletter. Having done that, I took a shower and I went off to work.

We are having a cold weather due to the low pressure area we are experiencing. It is cloudy during the day and heavy rain pours at night. It has been going on since last week. I hope the weather would not be like this tomorrow as I am going home to be with my parents and my niece Erin Leila for the post celebration of her first birthday. Her mother is not here so I will be a mother for her for the mean time. I am so excited to see and hug her again. I miss my baby Erin. I sure will post pictures later.  
Hurray it’s holiday!  I want to relax and watch tv but there is so much to be done and I don’t know where to start.  I woke up late since I also slept last night.  It is almost noon and yet I have not eaten a single grain of rice.  I am not hungry.  The Cloud 9 bar is tempting me but I will not succumb to it.  Just looking at all the books that I still have to read takes my appetite away. 

As soon as I opened my eyes around 10 a.m. the first thing I grabbed is my Revised Penal Code book.  After browsing for an hour, I got bored and sleepy so I spent more or less fifteen minutes playing on Facebook and then decided it’s enough.  Then I paid my friends’ blogs a visit to update myself about what is happening to them.  This is one thing I missed to do.  Blogging took a backseat since I go back to school.  I am glad to have been blogging since 2009 and I will not say goodbye to it no matter how busy I am.  Through blogging, I found a way to express myself and say what I want for the whole world to know.  Thanks to Ate An for introducing me to this world.

Ok guys, it's time to grab my lunch.  I fancy a cup of hot chocolate for lunch (weird).

Did you receive flowers today?  If you did not, it's ok take heart.  As what my friend always say, "Don't worry, you'll live".

Well here I am again folks.  Taking some time to relax after battling with grueling weeks of drafting and making the layout of my boss’ decision, finally I was able to come out with a decent and presentable format.  I was done printing five sets only to discover that something is wrong on the first and second page.  After a few touches, it was fixed but it turned out I ran out of ink for the printer.  I have to wait again until this afternoon.  I feel so good today.  I woke up and went to work early.  It’s Monday and we have a flag ceremony and it is something I do not want to miss.  It is the time that I have to affirm my being a Filipino and a law-abiding citizen of my country.

I still have to study my lessons.  Midterm exams will start on Thursday.  I think this is going to be a good week.  I started everything right and I hope nothing will happen to ruin my good mood.  I miss my lunch date.  She is not here anymore.  She went back to their station in Upi.  Lheng is also not here.  I am having lunch all by myself.  Poor me.  If it’s up for me, I want her to be here.  I enjoyed our conversation everytime we had lunch together.  Well, anyway enough drama.  Nothing is permanent in this world as the old cliché goes; so I have to make the best of my situation and not grump about it.  I can’t make things the way I want it to be.  I don’t have the power to do that.  

Ok guys back to eating.  Baked Spaghetti, anyone?