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Hello everyone, everything had been in swirl for me this past months working alone at home left with all the chores.. Anyways, here I am again with one of Dong's happy moments, well this time its learning moments.

I was around Christmas that my nephews from Zamboanga (Mac-mac and Addy) came to visit for the season. As what kids often do think Dong to speak about so many different words. Particularly the word "maasim" (sour).. They kept saying it to Dong that the little one kept saying it over and over again. Luckily, that one word paved the way for Dong to eventually repeat almost everything that he hears, from just a simple hi to trying to urge me to watch his favorite TV show Willing Willie which is "Wiwi" to him.. lol.. Now he is reciting his ABCs which in his ways his "acb".. lol.. Funny as it may seem but it brought great joy to me hearing my son talk.. yey! finally.

As I have been longing for a long time i finally heard Dong say "mama" and "papa" as often as he can.  And oh every time his favorite show is on he drops everything and watches it without batting a lash and along with it he sings Willie Revillame's " I love you" and i love it every time he says he wants to wing "Avu".. :D