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In a long time I have not had a good hair treatment that made me sit in a beauty parlor's chair for more than five hours! Doesn't it seem immemorial? Who cares?! (LOL). I will wait and sit for the sake of fine soft hair. (Winks). First the usual hair washing and shampooing was done but before that i had to wait for about half an hour coz they are doing some cleaning on their ac. OH well I will do it now or never. (LOL again!). To make the wait somewhat worthwhile I had my brows threaded to which I like the result :D .After a bunch of chit chat with my friend whom I dragged with me (thanks Sheila :D) the wait has come to an end.

While the lady doing my hair was applying some medicine on my hair I thought about asking her how long would it take to make my hair nice and then she said "5 hours po". But because I so wanted to do it I just shrugged it off. So I sat and wait. Had a loooong talk with my friend and then she eventually had to leave me because she had a regular Friday date with her boyfriend. And that can not in any way be postponed. So ia have to say byes. 

SO I have the beautician left to talk to. I was amazed about how she opened almost her whole life to me. I guess I have that sign in my forehead that says "Can Handle All Dramas". LOL. But then in the end she made my wait easier. Another wash was done and my hair was dried then another set of application to my hair. Still Im not complaining.. hehehe.. an hour later another rinse and finally a much welcome blowdry! and it was done.. what a relief. Luckily I liked the final result. hehehe.. my friends and I call that "gandang tiis" lol..