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I was in one of my favorite sites where you would be able to post any other thought that you have about anything and everything you could ever think of. Much like anything under the sun thing; from your post or other people's thoughts reactions are given and so on.

One of the questions that was posted was about domain names. "What are Domain Names?" was the exact question. In my own train of thought a domain name is something that makes a certain address in the internet identifiable. Its purpose is to provide a way for a certain address to be easily remembered or recognized.  A domain name in the internet world turns out to be websites. See, in order to make a website you need to have a domain name that can be easily memorized or remembered. In that way it can be accessed easily.
One of the most known domain name is or so on and so forth. Their extensions may vary from .org, .biz, .net and so on; depending on the purpose of the address. For whatever purpose it may be, it should be kept in mind that it should be something sensible in a way that the maker itself will be able to remember it and that it bears its own meaning.