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had been wondering what do people think or consider when they conceptualize a logo design? For one it should be eye-catching so that the logo itself will be able to sell itself. It is always good for a certain product or establishment to be noticed outright. Curiosity most of the time will get people to get into the place and discover the place themselves thereby getting involved into what that particular store sells. Thus creating more sales. Get the idea?

Another one that i think will make a logo design click is to make it as symbolic as possible. Symbolic of what it is going to represent. May it be a simple store, food chain, or even huge institution thinks big about creating their logos. The design itself must show the concept of what the company stands for thereby creating an impression of what people should think when they see the logo.

A balance in the design also creates an impression of how harmonized the creation was done. Since a logo is almost always a company's front line because it represent the company's symbol the consistent balance in its creation will reveal a message to those who may have look at it. A logo that catches an attention in a single glance almost always relays success.


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