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Waking up to a rainy morning makes me want to go back to bed, hug my pillow and sleep all day. However, it is still Friday and I have to go to work (no choice) and for that reason also, I was not able to join my classmates in the early morning parade. Our Law Days starts today and I am so sad because I was not with them but for sure, I will be joining them this afternoon. I lazily got up from my bed, had breakfast while checking e-mails. I received a couple of mails from friends but mostly email marketing newsletter. Having done that, I took a shower and I went off to work.

We are having a cold weather due to the low pressure area we are experiencing. It is cloudy during the day and heavy rain pours at night. It has been going on since last week. I hope the weather would not be like this tomorrow as I am going home to be with my parents and my niece Erin Leila for the post celebration of her first birthday. Her mother is not here so I will be a mother for her for the mean time. I am so excited to see and hug her again. I miss my baby Erin. I sure will post pictures later.