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Hurray it’s holiday!  I want to relax and watch tv but there is so much to be done and I don’t know where to start.  I woke up late since I also slept last night.  It is almost noon and yet I have not eaten a single grain of rice.  I am not hungry.  The Cloud 9 bar is tempting me but I will not succumb to it.  Just looking at all the books that I still have to read takes my appetite away. 

As soon as I opened my eyes around 10 a.m. the first thing I grabbed is my Revised Penal Code book.  After browsing for an hour, I got bored and sleepy so I spent more or less fifteen minutes playing on Facebook and then decided it’s enough.  Then I paid my friends’ blogs a visit to update myself about what is happening to them.  This is one thing I missed to do.  Blogging took a backseat since I go back to school.  I am glad to have been blogging since 2009 and I will not say goodbye to it no matter how busy I am.  Through blogging, I found a way to express myself and say what I want for the whole world to know.  Thanks to Ate An for introducing me to this world.

Ok guys, it's time to grab my lunch.  I fancy a cup of hot chocolate for lunch (weird).