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Like my mother, I was so engrossed with growing plants when I was young.  I used to grow vegetables and flowers.  Since we have a wide space at the back of our house, my mother decided to make it into a vegetable garden.  Nothing delights me more than seeing those beds of radish sprouting into life from those little seeds that they used to be.  Neighbors would flock our home to ask for vegetables and my mother would give them for free.  Our front yard having a wide space was also converted into a flower garden. My siblings and I used to plant roses, daisies and bougainvilleas. When it is time for the roses to bloom, I would stay in the garden and smell their sweet smelling scent.  I so love to do it!    It was our way of getting close to each other.  Gardening is bonding time and it was so much fun and I miss doing it.

I love flowers.  Roses and Dancing Lady are my favorites.  I want to have a flower garden where I can plant rose bushes and enjoy their smell once again.  However, I am no longer staying with my parents.  I am staying in a house where there no space for gardening.  It is quite depressing to see nothing but concrete.  No fresh air that smells of flower to breath.  Oh how I love being home.