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After my sister gave birth to her daughter last January 3, the next thing she planned to do is renovate one of their rooms and convert it into a nursery.  Being a new mom, she is very much excited for her new role that every month she is celebrating her baby’s birthday.  I have never heard of a mom doing it, only my sister.  Yesterday, she went shopping with her husband for some good bedroom lighting for the baby’s room.   Like all mothers, she loves her daughter too that she wants only the best for her.   She is very picky when it comes to her baby’s things.  Even her choice of milk bottle and bathroom products made me close my eyes when I learned about the price.  Well anyway, this is what she is prepared to be so I can’t blame her for being extravagant when it comes to her baby.

This afternoon, we were talking again about some new more changes in their home.  This time, she wants new lighting for every room.  She said she wants some changes as she is getting bored of the rooms’ old look.  I do not know what is running through her head but well, if she can afford all those expenses, why not?