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The school year is about to end.  I still have four more exams to go before vacation time.  For others, it is a time to go anywhere to relax and enjoy but for me, it is still work and more of advance reading.  I decided to do some advance reading because while browsing my prospectus last night, I saw two subjects that need some serious reading, Labor Standards and Negotiable Instruments Law.  I am not saying that my other subjects should not be taken seriously but these two need special attention.  And as one of my professors said before, vacation is not only for relaxing but also for reading.

Right now, I am studying for my two exams tomorrow but with my sister having undergone an operation last night, I can’t focus on my lessons. Until now my mind is still numb and I can’t seem to absorb what I read and I am starting to get disappointed with myself but I won’t stop.  Maybe I just need some rest and start again tomorrow at dawn.  Out of frustration last night, I was not able to got hold of my temper that I threw my book away only to pick it up when I woke up this morning.  I do not have a good disposition since I learned of what happened to my sister.  Seeing her writhing in pain broke my heart.  Fortunately, she is recuperating now and by tomorrow I hope, she would be discharged from the hospital.  Please include her in your prayers my friend.