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They say dogs are man’s best friend.  They can be loyal to you as long as they are showered with love and attention that is due to them.   However, there are incidents where a dog bites its owner or a kid.  So before thinking of having one, I have here a list of the most common kid-friendly dog breeds and how to find a match for your family:

Perfect if you're a family of three, with a preschooler. Labs are playful yet gentle creatures. They love kids, especially those who actively play with them. even allowing kids to ride on their backs. labs live long from 12 to 14 years - so you can expect long and loyal friend for your child.

Perfect if you're a family with a preschooler. Dalmatians are very friendly, outgoing, and alert. They're very sociable yet make good watchdogs. They bond well with family.

Perfect if you're a family of five, with one toddler and one preschooler. Beagles are very lovable and cheerful. their size makes them easy to care for and live with. Plus, they have long life spans so you can expect a long friendship between your kids and you beagle.

Perfect if you're a family of six, with a baby and toddlers or preschoolers. they're fairly small, gentle, and very friendly. Basset hounds need little grooming because their hair sheds only minimally. They're also very calm and don't bark often; no worries that they'll wake your hard-to-put-to-sleep little angel.

perfect if you're a family of four, with a baby and a toddler. Golden retriever are perfect for families with young kids because they get along well with kids and have a happy temperament. They don't bark often but are aggressive to strangers.

Buying presents for family members and friends is exciting but it can also be challenging especially if you have a lot of people to give gifts to. Hunting for the best gifts for the people that you care about takes time and if you are very busy with other things, you may not be able to finish all your shopping spree in time. Sometimes, gift giving can be a dilemma especially when we do not have an idea what the person wants to have or expecting to receive.  Fortunately, there are ways to save time and efforts when it comes to special gift shopping. For busy people like you, giving out wines to friends and family members perfect just make sure that you put your wines in nice wine bottle gift bags to make your gift look great.

There are many beautiful wine bottle gift bags available in the market today so you need not make wine gift bags on your own. You can easily find some fabulous wine bottle gift bags in your favorite wine stores and shops. In fact, some wine and spirits stores offer free wine bottle gift bags if you buy a certain number of wine bottles so you need not spend extra money on your wine bottle gift bags.
I was in the middle of my breakfast when my friend called.  She called just to complain about how she hates her vinyl bedroom flooring because of the scratches and its fading color.  She asked for my opinion on what I think would be nice for her bedroom flooring since I used to work in a home improvement store.   I told her that she can have another type of flooring if she likes to change it.  I suggested a lot of options.  Personally, I like ceramic tiles and granite tiles because it is not hard to maintain.  The flooring would be shiny even if you just polish it with a piece of cloth; no more waxy and smelly polishing to endure.  For elegance, I suggested Laminate flooring install.  She can have a medium density fiber board (MDF) or the high density fiber board.  This can be quite expensive but it is worth it after all the work is done.   I am glad that I have not yet forget what I learned before.  This is like being in my old job again.

As for my breakfast?  I totally forget about it because of my excitement to talk about this kind of things.  I went on discussing about flooring for another hour.  This is one thing that I should always remember; for me to turn my phone off when I am having a meal.  Okay, next time.  
I love seeing the beauty of sunlight on the window.   I hear the chirping of birds and the gentle whisper of wind outside.  This is what I always wanted; to wake and witness the beauty of the morning.  I am happy and contented while sipping a cup of coffee while thinking what I will do for the rest of the day.   This is going to be a great weekend.

I cherish moments like this.  I used to take it for granted but lately, I long to experience this again.  I miss my farm girl life.  With the place that I live right now, I can’t seem to relax and think better because instead of seeing endless greenery, all there is for me are endless concrete and loud honking jeepneys. There is no fresh air to breathe which makes the situation worse.  I wish I am still in our farm, sleeping under a tree and enjoying its shade like I used to do when I was young.  Well, anyway this is still a beautiful morning for me.  I am pleased to spend quality bonding time with my family.

I hope you are also having a beautiful morning guys.   I will play Farm town for an hour before I go.  My farm needs harvesting now.  I have to hire harvesters before my crops withered.  Be back in a little while.   Start the morning right with a healthy breakfast like I do.  Good morning everyone.
War, stock market mayhem, inflation, and oil price hike; these are just some of the factors that affect the world economy and with it, the investments. Just recently, here in the Philippines, there were several bank closures.  Looking at the faces of the distraught depositors makes me think twice about investing.   I have been taught about different kinds of investing strategies.  A friend suggested that buying stocks is one way of making my money grow without exerting so much effort.  Another told me to put it in t time deposit.  However, seeing the news about banks going on holiday makes me wary to risk my hard earned money.

How about investing on precious metals?  Have you tried investing in gold?  Thanks to Tax Payer Relief Act, gold and other kinds of precious metals can now be added to their IRA accounts.  There are people who invest in gold as they say, it is a crisis commodity because as its price rises even when the stock prices dropped.   Buying gold bullion is the most established way of investing in gold which mostly can be bought or sold at the banks, sometimes in gold bullion dealers like Gold Coins Gain.

Gold Coins Gain is a gold advisor website for those who want to invest in gold.  For those who do not have an idea about gold investing, they provide gold investing information for you.  You will learn about the complexities of terms in gold investing which gold investors would likely encounter like IRA gold and 401k gold.   For example, a gold IRA refers to an IRA held by a custodian that offers investments in precious metals like gold.  This site also offers information about gold 401k  and gold IRA transfer.  For you to know more about gold investments, give it a shot by visiting their website for an in depth discussion.
It was in 2009 that I decided to create a Facebook account for two reasons. Mainly because of its overwhelming popularity and second, to reconnect with old friends, classmates, acquaintances and relatives that I lost contact with. After a while, I was introduced to the world of Facebook games; Mafia Wars and Farm Town. It was with the latter that I went crazy with after my office mate Calay introduced me to it. I remember the time when I would compete with my office mates on who would sit in front of the computer just to harvest their crops before they wither. Sometimes, we would go to a cafe just so we could harvest other farmer's crops and earn more coins. My cousin Cherry Ann and my sisters used to be Farm Town fanatics, too. It was so much fun then.

However, after months of endless plowing, planting, hiring and harvesting I got bored and tired of the game. I do not feel any challenge anymore. I decided to stop playing when I went back to school. I got busy and forgot about it. I focused on my lessons it being so demanding. When my sister Euvelyn had her maternity leave, she went back to playing Farm Town to battle boredom. That's when I learned about the new Farm Town facilities that would make me earn more coins. She invited me to help in her facilities, in turn I got coins and a certain percentage of the products that the facility was producing at the time I helped. I find it as something new so I went back to Farm Town.

On my progress. After almost two months of playing I sky rocketed from level 38 to level 91! I am now a Green Commando farmer! Thanks to all the facilities that helped me a lot. I am in love with Farm Town once again.   
For me, medical profession ranked number two next to teaching as one of the noblest jobs.  I once dreamed of becoming a nurse when I was a little girl.  I was inspired by my aunt’s picture in scrubs that my late grandmother put on the wall of her living room.  But then, when I turned sixteen and about to enter college, I changed my mind for a simple reason that I do not like the sight of blood coming from wounds.  There was one time that I fainted when I realized I slice my own finger due to clumsiness.   Good thing, my aunt saw me and she was the one who attended to my not so deep but very painful wound.  I almost chopped off almost a quarter of my left thumb.  The pain had gone away a long time ago but the scar remained as a reminder of my own clumsiness.

Even if I did not become a nurse, I am still glad because one of my cousins became one when she passed the nursing board exam last December 2010.  During my college years, nursing course was so popular that it became a fad.  And almost overnight, a lot of schools started to open nursing courses.  Some of my classmates in college took the same course after they got their bachelor’s degree in commerce.  I have known about it because there is still a constant communication between us.  From time to time, we update each other.  I love watching their pictures in Facebook wearing their medical nursing scrubs.   

I also have this roommate who took three courses before she realized her true calling; which is to practice a medical profession.  She first took commerce, then midwifery.  When she became a midwife, she practiced for a while then got bored and took up accountancy where she graduated the same year as I finished my commerce degree.  After we parted ways, I learned she went back to school for a nursing degree.  Two business related courses and two medical related ones, she did not get tired to study.  She became a nurse eventually and now living in Europe with her family.

I cannot imagine how people like them who took up a business course suddenly turned to a medical course but seeing their happy faces proudly wearing their lab white coat  also makes me very proud of them who took this noble profession.