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I was in the middle of my breakfast when my friend called.  She called just to complain about how she hates her vinyl bedroom flooring because of the scratches and its fading color.  She asked for my opinion on what I think would be nice for her bedroom flooring since I used to work in a home improvement store.   I told her that she can have another type of flooring if she likes to change it.  I suggested a lot of options.  Personally, I like ceramic tiles and granite tiles because it is not hard to maintain.  The flooring would be shiny even if you just polish it with a piece of cloth; no more waxy and smelly polishing to endure.  For elegance, I suggested Laminate flooring install.  She can have a medium density fiber board (MDF) or the high density fiber board.  This can be quite expensive but it is worth it after all the work is done.   I am glad that I have not yet forget what I learned before.  This is like being in my old job again.

As for my breakfast?  I totally forget about it because of my excitement to talk about this kind of things.  I went on discussing about flooring for another hour.  This is one thing that I should always remember; for me to turn my phone off when I am having a meal.  Okay, next time.