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They say dogs are man’s best friend.  They can be loyal to you as long as they are showered with love and attention that is due to them.   However, there are incidents where a dog bites its owner or a kid.  So before thinking of having one, I have here a list of the most common kid-friendly dog breeds and how to find a match for your family:

Perfect if you're a family of three, with a preschooler. Labs are playful yet gentle creatures. They love kids, especially those who actively play with them. even allowing kids to ride on their backs. labs live long from 12 to 14 years - so you can expect long and loyal friend for your child.

Perfect if you're a family with a preschooler. Dalmatians are very friendly, outgoing, and alert. They're very sociable yet make good watchdogs. They bond well with family.

Perfect if you're a family of five, with one toddler and one preschooler. Beagles are very lovable and cheerful. their size makes them easy to care for and live with. Plus, they have long life spans so you can expect a long friendship between your kids and you beagle.

Perfect if you're a family of six, with a baby and toddlers or preschoolers. they're fairly small, gentle, and very friendly. Basset hounds need little grooming because their hair sheds only minimally. They're also very calm and don't bark often; no worries that they'll wake your hard-to-put-to-sleep little angel.

perfect if you're a family of four, with a baby and a toddler. Golden retriever are perfect for families with young kids because they get along well with kids and have a happy temperament. They don't bark often but are aggressive to strangers.