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For me, medical profession ranked number two next to teaching as one of the noblest jobs.  I once dreamed of becoming a nurse when I was a little girl.  I was inspired by my aunt’s picture in scrubs that my late grandmother put on the wall of her living room.  But then, when I turned sixteen and about to enter college, I changed my mind for a simple reason that I do not like the sight of blood coming from wounds.  There was one time that I fainted when I realized I slice my own finger due to clumsiness.   Good thing, my aunt saw me and she was the one who attended to my not so deep but very painful wound.  I almost chopped off almost a quarter of my left thumb.  The pain had gone away a long time ago but the scar remained as a reminder of my own clumsiness.

Even if I did not become a nurse, I am still glad because one of my cousins became one when she passed the nursing board exam last December 2010.  During my college years, nursing course was so popular that it became a fad.  And almost overnight, a lot of schools started to open nursing courses.  Some of my classmates in college took the same course after they got their bachelor’s degree in commerce.  I have known about it because there is still a constant communication between us.  From time to time, we update each other.  I love watching their pictures in Facebook wearing their medical nursing scrubs.   

I also have this roommate who took three courses before she realized her true calling; which is to practice a medical profession.  She first took commerce, then midwifery.  When she became a midwife, she practiced for a while then got bored and took up accountancy where she graduated the same year as I finished my commerce degree.  After we parted ways, I learned she went back to school for a nursing degree.  Two business related courses and two medical related ones, she did not get tired to study.  She became a nurse eventually and now living in Europe with her family.

I cannot imagine how people like them who took up a business course suddenly turned to a medical course but seeing their happy faces proudly wearing their lab white coat  also makes me very proud of them who took this noble profession.