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It was in 2009 that I decided to create a Facebook account for two reasons. Mainly because of its overwhelming popularity and second, to reconnect with old friends, classmates, acquaintances and relatives that I lost contact with. After a while, I was introduced to the world of Facebook games; Mafia Wars and Farm Town. It was with the latter that I went crazy with after my office mate Calay introduced me to it. I remember the time when I would compete with my office mates on who would sit in front of the computer just to harvest their crops before they wither. Sometimes, we would go to a cafe just so we could harvest other farmer's crops and earn more coins. My cousin Cherry Ann and my sisters used to be Farm Town fanatics, too. It was so much fun then.

However, after months of endless plowing, planting, hiring and harvesting I got bored and tired of the game. I do not feel any challenge anymore. I decided to stop playing when I went back to school. I got busy and forgot about it. I focused on my lessons it being so demanding. When my sister Euvelyn had her maternity leave, she went back to playing Farm Town to battle boredom. That's when I learned about the new Farm Town facilities that would make me earn more coins. She invited me to help in her facilities, in turn I got coins and a certain percentage of the products that the facility was producing at the time I helped. I find it as something new so I went back to Farm Town.

On my progress. After almost two months of playing I sky rocketed from level 38 to level 91! I am now a Green Commando farmer! Thanks to all the facilities that helped me a lot. I am in love with Farm Town once again.